Welcome to the Black Knights!


Low interest, long-term, and high principal loans exclusively for BK members

City Grants

Free money for BK members to buy new cities!


Many different grants worth a total of $800,307,585+


A totally automated savings account management system to protect your assets

Raid Finder

Utilize the best and most updated raid finder in the game. Exclusive to BK members only.


Sell your resources to the BK Bank for a higher-than-market price.

Direct Deposit

Get your income put directly into your BK Net Account.


Want to know when someone leaves beige? Buys military? Buys a city? Takes a dump? Look no further than BK Net notifications!

MMR Assistant

Automatically buy resources every turn from BK and have them deposited into your account so you can easily save for MMR. Embrace the laziness.