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The Mad Titan

Knights of the Galaxy (GotG MDoAP)

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On 7/14/2017 at 0:07 AM, Abigail Griffin said:



Knights of the Galaxy




Preamble: The Black Knights and the Guardians of the Galaxy sat at the table to discuss important memes for the Galaxy. Abigail, the Kree Ambassador of GoG, said if we are going

to create the best meme in the Galaxy, we need to defend it at all costs. The agreement will be known as the Knights of the Galaxy, and will hereby decree the importance of

defending our creations of dank memes.


Article 1: Respect for the co-owners

Each party agrees to respect each other, and defend each other's honor. The parties agree to handle any dispute between the parties behind closed doors.


Article 2: Defending Dank memes across the Galaxy

The parties both agree to mutually defend each other to ensure the Dank Meme of the galaxy survives.


Article 3: Optional Aggression of the galaxy

If one party attacks another alliance to spread memes, the other party is encouraged to join in, but is not obligated to do so.


Article 4: Intelligence of the Meme's Galaxy

Both parties agree to share intelligence that is vital to each other's security. Both parties agree that to protect the meme, the parties need to be on the same page to accomplish

such goals.


Article 5: Cancellation Cause

If any party decides the Galaxy meme is no longer worth protecting, they will give the other party 72 hour notice. During the 72 hour period, the terms are still active. Once

the 72 hour clause has passed, the terms will be voided.



Guardian of the Galaxy:


Star lord: Seeker

Kree Ambassador(FA):: Abigail Griffin  

The Collector(econ):  Axel Holden

Nova Prime(Defense) :Leigh Gotch

Master Technician(Internal): EvilPiggyFooFoo


Black Knights:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.