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The Inquisition

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Gather around my friends and plus ones….  First our children grew up and hell has frozen over. Now something truly no one expected. It is by command of the joint alliances of the Black Knights, New Pacific Order, Cornerstone, and Zodiac; that I present to you the Inquisition!





We, the Inquisition, come together in full manifestation of our friendship and solidarity. Committing ourselves to these accords in agreement with full promise of mutual prosperity and strength; with a greater understanding to be shared between us.
I Mutual Defense
A direct attack on one signatory is considered an attack on all signatories.
In the event that one signatory comes under attack through providing military support to another ally engaged in an aggressive war, said signatory is not considered to be in a defensive war, and the response of the other signatories are not dictated by this section.
II Optional Aggression
All member alliances shall reserve the right to support each other in an offensive campaign.
III Support
We stand together in the shared security be any means. Information, aid, and diplomatic resources are all encouraged of each of member alliances. Our support for each other shall not be limited to a list. Yet we agree this agreement shall take precedence over all others.
IV Sovereignty
While unified, we remain sovereign.
V Admission
A prospective alliance may petition any signatory for membership. If sponsored, admittance will be a unanimous decision of the conclave.
VI Withdrawal
Any signatory that wishes to leave the Inquisition after diplomatic measures have been exhausted will have 72 hours before nullification of the member agreement. Should a member violate the spirit of this accord, a unanimous vote may expel the offender
Signed for the Black Knights
Signed for the New Pacific Order,                                                                                                                                
Emperor: Roquentin

Regent: Lord of Darkness
Imperial Officers: Prince Henry and Auctor



Signed for Zodiac


Emperor of Yang: Captain Bezzers
Emperor of Yin: Aerys Targaryen

Yangban of Internal Affairs: Jack3top
Yangban of Military Affairs: Utz
Yangban of Economic Affairs: Goomy
Yangban of Foreign Affairs: Arkiri Arch



Signed for Cornerstone


Grand Pilus Rache

Post Pilus Beowulf
Legatus Princeps Aristide
Adelphotes Princeps Robert P. Holmes III
Quaestor Princeps Novarus
Praesidium Princeps Piast
Incursito Princeps Wall
The Knights of the Senate


OWF Link: https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18786-lets-be-honest-this-was-leaked-weeks-ago/

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