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Readmission Policy

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Readmission Policy

I. Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to clarify the procedure of admission for a former member of the Black Knights who wishes to be readmitted.

II. Everybody Gets One
Any member who left the Black Knights in good standing is eligible to be reaccepted once. The process shall be completed in whatever manner is prescribed by the Archduke of the Interior or his designee.

III. ...and Expecting Different Results
Should a member leave the Black Knights once being reaccepted per Article II, they shall be barred from rejoining the Black Knights, and may also be banned from the forums (as people on the Official BK Shitlist are). This article, either in part, or in whole, may be waived by the Emperor should he deem it fit.

IV. Law of the Land
As mentioned in Article II, any former member in good standing may reapply to the Black Knights should they not meet the criteria in Article III. A former member in good standing is defined as a member whom left amicably, and has not disparaged the Black Knights in a public or semi-public platform. The designation of "good standing" is to be decided by the Emperor, or his designee.

So ordered,
LordStrum, Emperor
August 18, 2016

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