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How to Apply to the Black Knights

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Applying to Join the Black Knights

STEP 1: Apply to join our alliance in-game
Make sure you do this, because the system will literally not let you apply before you do.

STEP 2: Have a forum account
Once again, the system will not let you apply before you have made an account here.

That is Tibernet, our application system. It will make sure you are eligible to apply, and then will post your application into this forum, as you, which is why you must have a forum account to apply.

STEP 4: Complete the application process
You will be asked questions in your application thread. If you don't come back to answer them, then you will not be accepted.


Requirements for applying for the Black Knights:

  • Apply to join our alliance in-game
  • Create an account here, on the forums. You cannot apply before you have made an account.
  • You cannot be involved in a war against a nation. If you are, peace out of it before you apply.
  • You must answer a series of questions we will ask you after posting your application. Please be patient, because sometimes we ask quite a few, just keep coming back to check your application thread whenever you can. If you post your application and then don't come back to answer the questions, you will be denied.


If you are accepted, you will be required to go through our academy, where you will learn BK and PnW basics.

Also Protip: Stay on the color beige for as long as possible. 

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