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The Public BK Shitlist

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The following leaders are hereby placed on the Public BK Shitlist for crimes against BK or general idiocy. All leaders placed on this list are hereby barred from joining The Black Knights and we will give warning any future alliance they seek to join. Any alliance that accepts one of the following leaders will lose respect from BK. The only way to be added or removed from this list is with approval from the Emperor.

Jemm (AKA Jimmyboy) - Failure to meet standards, disobedience, called us "too gay" for him
Jaguar - Failure to fight in a war, left BK too many times, implied we're not serious, an absolute complete dumb ass
Rahul - Disobedience
Kastor - Being Kastor, to keep our bank safe
Mitch666 - Occasional Douchebag, being Mitch.
Gabby - Gee...I wonder why?
Quasar - Left BK too many times, constant pedo comments despite requests to stop
hidude45454 - Pixel hugger, put himself over BK
El Commander - 3ego5me
Keksalot - lol
Youislove - Deserter during BKExit war
Holton - Left without notice while holding high-level job, suspected spy, tried to pull this shit.
Anneal - Disobedience, attempting to circumvent authority, and just being a huge prick.
John Smith - Posting private conversations with BK members on the OWF without their consent, attention seeking on the OWF in a particularly douchey way.
DukeofNavies - Embezzling war aid for baseball.
Noctis - Leaking                                                         
Gorge - Embezzling funds from bank AA and pretending it was deleted
Curufinwe - Crimes against BK, two-faced douchecanoe
Who Me - Crimes against BK, two-faced douchecanoe

Seeker - When you say something this fucking stupid, obviously you don't pass our intelligence test.
hadesflames - OOC attacks, breaking peace terms, unlikeable douchebag
Leo the Great/The Mad Titan/Aragorn - Crimes against BK, making shit up, breaking every core tenant BK was founded on, Strum wannabe, Roq's bitch
Roquentin - Crimes against BK, strong inferiority complex, general pain in the ass
MIKO/Horny/Bashir Al-Assad/Copypaste/bj1905 - Multis, suspected spy, generally an annoying piece of shit
Camelot (Alliance) - Stealing code from BK Net
Rothschild Family (Alliance) - Stealing code from BK Net
Blackbird - Stealing code from BK Net and selling it
Ahmed Guray - Insubordination, cowardice
Shifty Stranger (Shifty) - Pixel whore, bank thief, entitled and paranoid bitch, posts shitty food

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