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Incoming TO Members

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Incoming TO Members: Welcome to BK! In this thread we'll go over what you need to do to in-process into BK and get started.

  1. Get started on Discord
    • Join our server here
    • Go to #applications and type !bkn apply YOURNATIONID
      • Of course replace YOURNATIONID with your actual nation ID
    • In the channel created, say that you are an incoming TO member
    • Once someone from the IA team comes around, you will be accepted. You will not have to interview.
    • Your role on Discord will say Squire until someone comes around and fixes it. You are not required to do the academy unless you choose to do so
  2. Create an account on these forums
    • While 97% of communication occurs on Discord, we still use forums for long-term and serious discussions when needed. We also use it to sign up for things like rebuilding. An account on these forums is a requirement for membership.
    • Go here and follow the instructions to create an account
    • Once completed, come to this thread and reply with this form:
      • Leader Name:
        Discord Name:
    • You will be masked as Knight and given proper permissions
  3. Create a BK Net Account
    • BK Net is our automation system where you can apply for grants, loans, and store money in the bank.
    • Go to BK Net by clicking here
    • Click "Register" and create an account
    • Visit your nation and check your messages. It will have instructions to verify your account
    • Once completed, it can take up to 24 hours for you to have access to your dashboard
    • You may have to verify on Discord too. Just follow the instructions if prompted.
    • Create a bank account by clicking "Accounts" and following the instructions
    • To put money into your account, click to view the account and click "create deposit" and follow the instructions sent in-game
    • To withdraw money, click "Accounts" and scroll to the bottom. Just transfer money from your account to your nation.
  4. Get familiar with BK
    • Check out the policies of BK and our charter
    • Read about the history of BK
    • Talk to our members in #members
    • Understand our culture: We are a culture of memes and fucking around, but our main priority is our military fighting strength. Once you have access to your BK Net Dashboard, you can see our MMR (warchest requirements). You should work to hit those ASAP. While 100% is not required until city 18, you should start stockpiling your own reserve and store most of it in your BK Net account. There is also a sort of "roasting" culture here in BK. It's not too bad and if you say stop, people will. However, remember that they are all jokes and if you're getting roasted it means you're being accepted. Feel free to roast back, just don't go too far.
    • Enjoy yourself. We are a very relaxed alliance. We know the game is trash, but we all stick around because of BK's community. If you want to enjoy your time, get involved
    • Remember: Being active every 36 hours is a requirement in this alliance. If you are inactive in-game for more than 36 hours you will be automatically placed into 100% taxes and you will not get a refund. If you know you will be inactive for more than 36 hours, please contact our Archduke of IA or Econ and we will work it out.
    • We aren't commies -- you are responsible for your nation and most of your build. However, we will provide assistance if needed. Our normal taxes are around 20/10. We are America's Alliance™.
  5. Get a Job
    • Of course getting involved in the alliance by getting a job is the best way to promote our community and rise in the ranks. Pick a department from IA, Econ, FA, or Milcom and contact the respective Archduke
      • IA: BigGTheSlayer (BigGtheSquireSlayer#9984)
      • Econ: Brandon (Brandon Donsberger#5442)
      • Milcom: Clown (BUY SPIES GODDAMN IT#1598)
      • FA: Supercheese (supercheese#8694)
    • Remember to always use your chain of command. Other than applying for a job, you should contact the lowest level of staff you believe will resolve the issue. Never contact the Archduke, Viceroy, or Emperor for something that can be handled at a lower level. Of course if you believe the issue is serious enough to jump the chain, don't be afraid to reach out to the Archduke, Viceroy, or Emperor.
  6. Rebuilding
    • If you have not completed your rebuilding per our guidelines (listed in the rebuilding thread), please apply by clicking here. You will need to be masked on the forums prior to viewing the thread.
    • Remember that by receiving rebuilding aid, you are obligated to stay with BK for 3 months after receiving your aid. Please keep that in mind before applying.
    • Also make sure to change your color to black!

There are still tons of things to learn about BK and our culture. We are now one alliance, and we need to continue to work together to ensure our survivability and to continue our kick-ass performance in every single war.

Welcome to BK!

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