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Detailed Information for Prospective Members

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Hello! Glad to see you are considering the Black Knights to be your future alliance. Here is some more detailed information about all the great stuff we offer.


Strong Community - We have a very strong, fun community. Even if the game gets boring, you'll always be having a good time at BK.

Advancement Opportunities - We are still a smaller alliance (for now). That means there is more opportunity for you to move up the ranks, if that is something you want to do.

Financial Incentives - Here at BK, we offer plenty of financial incentives to help you build up your nation. Here are some of the best ones.

  • City Grants - We offer city grants (free money for you to use to buy cities) up to 20 cities.
  • Entrance Aid - You will get free money just for joining.
  • Loans - Low interest loans to help you keep buying them cities, or infrastructure, or whatever.
  • Lottery - I don't know if gambling counts as a financial incentive, but hey, it is fun.

BK Net - This is the system at the center of our alliance operations. It does tons of things, but here is some of the benefits it could give you right away.

  • Bank Accounts - Don't want all your money sitting in your nation where it can get stolen? Here at BK, you can have your own bank account. The money is stored in the alliance bank, where it is much safer, and is accessible to you at any time. Deposits and withdrawals are automated, so you can do them at any time!
  • Automated Grants and Loans - you won't have to make some forum post, or message a gov member, to request grants and loans here. That is all a click away with BK Net.
  • Detailed nation information - BK Net can give you information about your nation that you couldn't even get in-game. One neat example is a graph of the money you've had in your nation over the past year.


Hopefully we will see your application soon. And if you still have more questions, don't hesitate to message me on Discord or in-game.

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