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The Ottoman Empire History/Factbook

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Sultan: Mehmed VII



1453 May 29:

Mehmed the Conqueror captures Constantinople. It is here that reaches the final and only undestroyed tomb of geass rumored to grant wishes to those who are great leaders and conquerors. The larger the city that is conquered the more powerful the wish. It is here that Mehmed sees a vision of the end of the Ottoman Empire and wishes for it to be saved. While granted, the spirit is also awakened.


Mustafa is summoned to meet his father Suleiman the Great who plans to kill his son. However, during the scuffle between the guards and Mustafa the spirit shows Suleiman the grief and fallout caused by this. Just a few moments before he is killed Suleiman collapses and backs down asking for forgiveness. He tells his son the treason of the Pashas and forces Mustafa to flee to Hijaz. He continues his lineage but out of the eyes of those who wish to remove him.


Mehmed Vi knows that rather than joining the Central Powers during the War to end all Wars the Ottoman Empire should remain netural and instead of taking sides to use the influence from both sides to modernize their military in case they are attacked. He is successful and begins a rebirth for the Empire. It was also during this time that Mustafa's lineage was allowed back in Constantinople to have their children study as the old sultans had before them.

1918 - 1939:

A few years following the end of WW1 saw no territory changes to the Ottomans, rather they were preoccupied with modernizing and rebellions within the Empire. The final accomplishment of Mehmed VI was securing the Suez and the Empire before passing his thrown over to Abdulmejid II after his death in 1924. However, Abdulmejid II would die two years later and the sultans would reign for short periods of time before passing.


Ahmed IV was the Sultan at the time of WW2 in which he was able to keep his Empire mostly out of the conflict due to the recovering the Ottoman Empire was still undergoing. Besides minor battles against the Axis no major changed occurred. Rather the Empire was stuck in a position of nowhere that would continue into the Cold War. The beginning of the end was seen once again as while modern, the Empire was unable to stand against the world powers.

Post WW2:

In 1954 when Ahmed IV died and the successions continued the Ottoman Empire took a stance against communism and was used as a pawn by the great powers. It was only in the late 1990s that the death began to show once more. It wasn't until in 2009 that when Bayezid III was assumed to take the throne that the Pashas conspired and murdered him. The wish materialized and ended with his death and his adopted son and decedent of Mustafa watched and was forced to become a puppet for the Pashas until he was 18. He was used as a pawn while civil strife gripped the nation between nationalists and the Pashas. It was on his 18th birthday on December 7 that a woman approached him. Using the wish granted so long ago the power of Geass was granted to the young sultan who eventually conquered the world around him. The dream of Osman I of a tree encompassing the world was complete. And now it was time for the rest of the worlds to follow.

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