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The Al'tyl

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A soldier Al'tyl



The Al'tyl can also be referred to as driders, but they find the term to be rather insulting. They can easily be spotted with their humanoid upper bodies although the term humanoid can be used loosely as even up close - either male or female - they appear bestial. Their lower halves are those of spiders. Warrior Al'tyl are usually larger both in the upper and lower extremities and have vicious maws believed to originally have injected poisons into their opponents while fighting, but such ducts appear to only be empty. Those who do not have a more bestial appearance are believed to have mixed heritage from slaves that the Al'tyl have captured or residue from their ancestors early experimentation. An Al'tyl's coloring can range from brown to gray with some even being snow white. 



The Al'tyl say they come from bipedal race who were known for conducting unorthodox experiments on themselves to find the best form that will allow them to survive. The current form they have was deemed to be the best and slowly the "drider" form was bred. This did not end the Al'tyl's desire for continued research in perfecting their form; however, their newer forms were stronger and harder to control and such revolts by those enslaved for experimentation were common. It resulted in the Council having to reform their slaves laws - reserving it for punishment of criminals or those who cannot positively contribute - and having to start investing in buying slaves from third parties.



The Al'tyl are considered a democracy with the Council holding up to two hundred members supposedly representing the people's interest although intrigue and backstabbing that result in blood is an open secret. Military service is required for a minimum of five years and desertion or refusal to reserve can result in harsh punishments. Everyday life for the Al'tyl can be seen as normal - wake up, go to work, etc.

Slavery is legal on Al'tyl worlds although a majority of those bought are usually resold to the Al'tyl Scientific Division for a hefty sum where they will become subjects for their various experiments. Those who aren't basically lab rats are usually simple house workers or pack mules. 

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