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Interstellar News Agency Special Report VIII

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Tatrean scientists have announced the discovery of a previously unknown species near Erarich, a Tatrean colony world in the Catana system.  The spacecraft, which is believed to have drifted in the system for centuries before being detected and boarded by Tatrean security forces earlier this month, is said to contain thousands of eggs held in a sophisticated system of cryogenic suspension.  Although the data in the shipboard computers is fragmentary, the records appear to indicate that the eggs belong to a species known as the 'Rachni,' an insectoid race of that may have originated in the unmapped Terminus system.  Tatrean scientists have begun reviving the eggs in order to test their viability, a process that is expected to take several weeks.  If the eggs do prove viable, analysts anticipate that the Rachni could function as an almost limitless source of military recruits for the Tatrean high command, which is seeking additional military resources following the loss of its colony in the Tudran system earlier this year.

In other news, the Purrsian, Elysian and Catian governments have announced victories over their rebellious colonies this week, leaving the former LT&S world of Calcutta as the only colony currently held by rebel forces.  The LT&S Board of Directors is reported to have approved a massive invasion force to bring Calcutta back under corporate control, while rebel unionists have vowed to defend their newfound freedom to the last.  In the Abaran system, the Arakhari are reporting a crushing victory over the Catian fleet, capping off a disasterous military campaign that has seen the Catians lose almost 40 warships and over 200 fighters in a matter of weeks.  The Arakhari are said to be expanding their control of the system in the wake of their victory, while Catian officials have refused to comment on the deteriorating military situation following the defeat of their fleet.

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