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An announcement from Nakh'maar Security Solutions

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Nakh'maar Security Solutions (NSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holdings LLC, in partnership with Dranek Technologies and Raum Solar Mapping, is proud to offer a wide range of military services to factions across the galaxy.  Hard working, reliable and surprisingly well-armed, NSS personnel are perfect for a variety of clandestine and not so clandestine operations that can be tailored to fit any budget. 

Looking to expand beyond your territory but worried about accidently stumbling into an enemy war fleet?  NSS offers some of the stealthiest spacecraft in existence for all your scouting and reconnaissance needs.  Want to invade your neighbour's system but concerned that your slow, outdated ships will end up as smoking space debris? NSS ships are some of the toughest around and will be happy to support your weak and ineffectual fleet in acts of unprovoked aggression.  Interested in waging a proxy war but find it impossible to funnel money to rebels before Catian forces kill every civilian on the planet? NSS has infrastructure in dozens of systems and is more than able to cause headaches for your rival that will distract them from you and your impeding invasion of their space. 

Whether you're an expansionist superpower seeking to oppress your neighbours or a military minnow desperately trying to hold on to what you have, NSS has the ships, troops, technology and intel that you need to succeed.  So why wait? Contact your nearest NSS representative today and begin making your dreams of conquest a reality.

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