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Interstellar News Agency Special Report IV

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Tatrean colonies across the galaxy have risen in revolt against the central government this week, following a crippling famine that has seen millions of civilians die from malnutrition and exposure.  The famine, which was sparked by consecutive failed harvests on the Tatrean homeworld of Gerlach, has increased latent dissatisfaction with Tatras' colonial policy, which limits voting rights for colonial citizens in the Tatrean Parliament.  The Tatrean high command has vowed to crush the rebels, who call themselves the Tatrean Democratic Union, and deployed spacecraft and ground forces to assist local garrisons in the Latiri, Chorren and Tudran systems.  Fighting is said to already be raging across Tatrean space, with rebels and garrison forces battling in dozens of cities across three colony worlds.

Anti-capitalist sentiment has also led to uprisings on the corporate worlds of Earth and Calcutta, as local citizens demand increased self-rule from the corporations that control the colonies.  Local security forces are said to be struggling to contain planet-wide protests, while share prices have tumbled in the wake of increasing violence.  In Catian space, an incipient uprising has been meet with a brutal crackdown on dissidents, with more than 40 million purported rebel sympathizers killed outright by Catian death squads and millions more displaced or confined to government-run refugee camps.  Observers have condemned atrocities commited by Catian forces, but the Catian government brushed off the mounting civilian death toll as an acceptable price to pay for stability.  Humanitarian organizations have sought access to the colonies in the Minoris system but have been unable to obtain entrance visas for their personnel due to Catia's restrictive immigration policies.

In other news, mining futures have steadily risen following a marked reduction in pirate activity galaxy-wide, encouraging investors that had feared that relentless raiding by criminal elements would undermine the industry as a whole.  Rumours are spreading that several galactic governments have purchased the respite from raiders by providing regular subsidies to local pirate groups, but officials have refused to comment on the matter.  The Arakhari, which are said to be deeply involved in trading illicit minerals, slaves and other contraband, have also refused to comment, but their colony worlds are said to be experiencing an unprecedented economic boom in recent months.

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