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Interstellar News Agency Special Report II

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Arakhari forces are celebrating the formal surrender of Tatrean and Children colonies in the Draconis and Shakasi systems, victories that have fulfilled Nakh'maar Sa'an's pledge to obtain new worlds for the Arakhari diaspora to settle.  Arakhari settlers are said to be pouring into the systems in unprecedented numbers, while Nakh'maar military forces have been seen hastily erecting defences on habitable worlds.  Investor confidence has also soared following a sharp drop in pirate attacks against interstellar mining interests following the adoption of more vigorous anti-piracy measures by galactic governments.  Arakhari forces are believed to have been driven from the Lyrae, Hydrae, Proxima, Qornor, Vesna and Tudran systems, although analysts are unsure whether the lull in attacks is permanent or just a prelude before the raiders adapt their tactics to overcome the enhanced security measures on those worlds.  Arakhari representatives have remained tight lipped in the face of mounting losses, but Dranek Technologies is believed to be developing new methods to bypass hostile satellite and spacecraft radar.

Revolts continue to fester in the southern galactic arm, with Purrsian rebels retaining control of Catpost 3 following the defeat of both the loyalist garrison and a relief force from the Deluvia system sent to reclaim the planet.  Purrsian forces have not attempted to retake their lost colony following the embarrassing failure of their initial invasion, preferring to focus their energy on settling the Geminus system, which is said to have numerous fertile worlds ready for colonization.  The Tatrean colony of Lomnic has also risen in revolt in recent weeks, citing dissatisfaction with the 'surrender' of several colonies to the Arakhari and general corruption in the Tatrean high command.  Loyalist forces are reported to be massing outside the colonial capital following clashes in several smaller cities across the planet, while Tatrean officials have refused calls to negotiate with rebel leaders.  


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