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This will channel is to help you understand what goes on from elections to new law announcememts. ANN has the information you need. 

Pirate Infestation

For more than ten turns, the Altion have been dealing with pirates who are responsible for raiding billions of dollars from our mines and destroying several of our recon satellites. We have responded by destroying any of their ships detected, outlawing tech trade with them, enforcing strict scans of moons and planets held in our territory, and have finally managed to destroy a stronghold found nesting in our colony system. Apparently now, they decided to up their tantrum by attacking and destroying two corvettes guarding one of our docks in System 18, killing the crew.


We would like to send a prayer to those who have died and would like to make it clear we are not ceasing our attempts of running these dangerous lizards out of systems. We urge our citizens to report in any suspicious activities held in our space docks and to warn them any cooperation with the pirates will have serious repercussions.


We would also like to this time to warn those in the galaxy that no one is to enter our territory without express permission from the senate. Any crossing will be viewed as hostile and your ship will be destroyed.


Thank you.


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Military Increase

With the announcement of several colonies revolting across the galazlxy, the Altoni senate has announced an increase to the faction's military budget to help ensure the Altoni's safety. The funding is reported to be towards further training of ground and air troops and research into orbitial battle. 


Recent polls have shown the people satisfied with the Altoni senate especially with news that the Altoni mines have been secured and the faction having a boost in their economy, so some find it troubling with the senate's decision to shift so much focus on colony defense.


"Better to be safe than sorry. We never know when pirates will be back or when extremist decide it best to declare war and drag all Altoni into a faction wide disturbance. If such things happen, we want to make sure the threat is taken out quickly and with minimal loss, but for that we need to invest in our men and women who take up arms and fight to defend us." 

Was the statement given by the senate.



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Space Mobilization

Today the Altoni Senate announces that they launched a bombardment on the colony of Earth recently. The action was done under request from the ONI Cooperation who were having difficulty dealing with rebel forces that they deemed were actually a union. 

The bombardment resulted in the 12.5 million deaths, but it did help to wipe out the remaining forces. While the Senate announces it wanted to find a way to avoid such, it unfortunately could not deliver ground troops in time. When the Senate informed the CEO of ONI of this, the ships managed to pick up a transmission from the colony: 

"Attention ONI Citizens, due to an unsanctioned Unionization attempt, this sector is  being down-sized. Please report to your stations as normal.  If you are unexpectedly terminated, do not be alarmed, a notice will be sent to your designated next of kin within 3-5 business weeks, with their new assignment and 2-weeks back pay for the confusion."

The senate wishes to extend its apologies to the families of those who died and offer services to help those displaced by the bombardments.

The announcement has caused some level of outrage from the public as the ships return to the home system. 

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A skirmish with LT&S that has been resolved has lead the Altoni Senate to broadcast a reminder to the Galaxy.


In order to pass through Altoni territory, one must seek permission from the senate. If you do not have permission and are detected, Altoni security ships will open fire without mercy. 


Permission from the Senate requires the following: reason for passsing, the kind of ships and how many, and which systems specifically you're crossing into. One time permission does not mean infinite permission. If you need to pass more ships, you must seek permission from the Senate once again. We also reserve the right to say no if we deem your reason to harm Altoni interest. Permission also does not mean access to Altoni docks. If fuel is needed, you may have to pay a fee. 


Once permission is given, you will be directed to the planets you're allowed to stop by. Any detection of going off track will be taken as a threat and your permission receded. 


Hopefully this will prevent any future incidents in the future. 

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Military Budget Continues to see Increase

The Senate again announces the military will receive another boost to their funding much to the groans of the citizens who believe the money best to serve elsewhere. Such groanings are heard louder on the smallest colony of Cayden who believe their military is the least developed.


Senatator Ema of Cayden is currently negotiating with the rest of the Senators on Desna to negotiate on his colony's behalf.


Meanwhile the senate has released the following statement:


"More rebellions continue to plague races and the recent war between the Catians and the Arkhari have proven to us that we cannot skimp out on our defenses. We urge the populace to please be patient and once we feel as though it is warranted we will focus on other projects."



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