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The Altion

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The Altion are an organic race with skin tones with off-white, rough skin and hair colors in various blues. Their eyes are wide and almost childlike with the colors always mismatched. Their chests and noses are broad to help adapt to rough conditions of their homeland although the females are slightly slimmer and the males have broader shoulders with bones jutting out of the side.



The Altion are considered simple to some. While the cities are known to be technologically advanced and somewhat crowded, the countryside despite their homeland being hostile environment have been worked over to sustain those who wish for a more quiet life. A night of fun for an Altion in the county could amount to simply gambling with friends while drinking Avin (an Altion popular type of alcohol) while one who lives in the city would be enjoying a time at a local night club.


The Altion language could be considered an anomaly as they don't exactly speak to each other using a spoken language but telepathically. Spoken language is only used with tourists and ambassadors. Those who do not understand telepathy are known to receive unusual looks.


The Altion Senate leads the race in the intergalactic scene with strict qualifications placed on candidates who wish to run - military service of a minimum of ten years, obtaining ten thousand signatures, and cannot have a familial relationship with a current senate member to name a few. Those who run Altion's colonies are senators who were elected by the senate itself and tasked with colony defense, budget, and possible cultivation. The senate can vote out the ones who lead the colonies out if they feel as though the job is not being done.



The Altion were originally a migratory race that settled on Desna sometime long ago. The planet they came from originally is currently forgotten although the Altion's believe it to have been another hostile world. Constant attacks from pirates and slavers had forced the Altion to settle on a planet for better protection and despite Desna's weaker points was considered the best option as it was uninhabited.


The current Altion election wouldn't be held right away as originally the race was lead by an Altion named Amec Colus. Originally, the Altion would have had something similar to a monarchy as Amec had planned to have his children take over but corruption and family in-fighting had caused the Altion's to reject the idea to select several of those amongst themselves to lead marking it as the first elections.

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