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A joint announcement from Dranek Technologies and Raum Solar Mapping

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Raum Solar Mapping (RSM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holding LLC, is proud to announce the looming completion of its Terrestrial Mapping Initiative (TMI), a project to systematically explore and chart all known system in the galaxy.  TMI encompasses the 33 systems that can be reached by conventional propulsion and includes the position of any mineral deposits and colonies in known space.  In the interests of scientific discovery, RSM is willing to make these maps available to interested parties in exchange for very modest administrative and shipping and handling fees.  If you're looking to expand, seeking an edge against your opponents or just looking to spy on your neighbours, ask for TMI today!

In related news, Dranek Technologies (DT) will be holding a technology fair on the Arakhari colony world of Lepus II later this month.  In addition to the groundbreaking Raikh engine, exhibits will showcase Arakhari advances in deflector shields, spacecraft logistics, detection and fertility tech, all available for your purchasing pleasure.  Contact your local DT representative for tickets - group rates are available. 

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