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Round VI.5 Galactic Rankings

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Most colonized worlds:
1) ONI
2) The Children
3) Catia
4) Purrsians
5) Arakhari

Most technologies researched:
1) Arakhari
2) Catia
3) ONI
4) LT&S
5) Purrsians

Most systems with Docks/FOBs/Pirate strongholds/Mercenary Barracks:
1) LT&S
2) Arakhari
3) ONI
4) Catia
5) Purrsians

Highest research bonus:
1) LT&S
2) ONI
3) Catia
4) Lamia
5) Arakhari

General Information: 
Number of economic depressions: 4
Number of economic booms: 6
Number of agricultural famines: 4
Number of agricultural bumper crops: 5

Number of colonies settled: 64
Number of planets surveyed: 547
Number of mines built: 503

Number of SCs built: 6
Number of MCs built: 14
Number of TCs built: 14
Number of RCs built: 26

Number of space battle fought: 289
Number of ground battles fought: 119
Number of espionage operations: 90
Number of mines raided: 822
Number of slave raids: 16
Number of trade ship trades: 247
Number of colonies revolted: 19
Number of extermination ops: 2
Number of orbital bombardments: 56
Number of planetary blockades: 23

Number of successful reverse engineerings: 9

Number of infected planets: 3

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