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An announcement from Dranek Technologies

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Dranek Technologies (DT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holdings LLC, is proud to announce the development and successful deployment of the Raikh Fusion Engine (RFE).  Scheduled to enter full production later this week, the RFE is a revolutionary step forward in space travel that will have profound consequences for exploration, trade and travel throughout the known galaxy.  Want to visit the Catians but they won't let you refuel in their systems because of their rampant xenophobia?  RFE.  Do you have a lifelong desire to swim with the Jellyfish but can't make the journey in your clunky, outdated ONI transport?  RFE.  Are you obsessed with goat meat but can't afford the cost of a conventional flight to Desna?  RFE.  No matter what your weird personal preference may be, having access to an RFE engine will make it possible!  So don't wait: contact your local DT representative today!

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