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Josh Freer

Galactic News Agency: Report I

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Catian Military enforces the law

In recent weeks news has been emerging from the Catian home system of Kriseroi regarding a military conflict between Catia and an unknown faction.

When speaking to Admiral Qoone of the First Catia fleet this was said "As part of our government's recent announcements we detained an unauthorised vessel that had entered our controlled space. As well as this the Second Catia Fleet was attacked by a group of ships who's identity we are not revealing at the current time. The attacks by this group of ships were unsuccessful and they have now been dealt with."


Flag planting in the Hoplos System

We have received unusual photos from the Hoplos System that appear to show soldiers planting flags on every asteroid in an asteroid belt. It appears that this is a factions way of showing the galaxy that they own this belt. Unfortunately, none of these photos clearly show the factions flag however once we have confirmation we will let you know.


We hope to bring you more on this story as it develops

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