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Catia Laws & Announcements

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Catia Space Fares

The Catian Council has decided to enact the following laws regarding foreign passage through Catian space

- Should any faction wish to seek passage through Catian held space they must submit a transit application to the local government that states vessel numbers and types along with destination and reason for transit. At this time should they wish to they can also offer what they are willing to pay for permission to pass through Catian space as the next step would be the government giving a price they want to allow the passage, this rate will depend on many factors including number of ships, type of ships, relationship with Catia, ect.

- Should a foreign vessel be detected within Catian space they may be allowed to pay a fee which will allow them to safely return to neutral space however depending on the situation this will not always be offered and repeated space violations will leave Catia with little choice but to see it as an act of aggression.

- Foreign civilians are more than welcome to visit Catian worlds should they wish to, only a moderate fee will be charge and unfortunately no military officers will be allowed onto Catian worlds for security reasons, we hope you understand.

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An Unfortunate Series of Events

Earlier this week a newly established colony was taken by force by a group of Arakhari pirates claiming they were simply "seeking a home". The colony was meant to have a defensive garrison along with it but it seems the transport ships were delayed and arrived too late to stop the attack.

Soon after the initial attack by the Arakhari the troops that were originally meant for the garrison dropped onto the planet and took out the enemy forces on the planet while maintaining minimal civilian casualties and taking no loses themselves.

As of now the colony is back under Catian control and there are no signs of Arakhari presence in the immediate area. The Council has announced that it will be increasing the military presence in the system and on the colony in order to stop such an outcome like this again and find out where the enemy forces came from in the first place.

Lastly, reports have been coming in about a supposed formation of "death squads" on the colony getting ready to purge the Arakhari population that sprung up while under occupation but these reports have been denied by the Council.


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Expansion & Hostilities

The Catian Council has announced that the CEI (Catian Expansion Initiative) is now well under way and in the process of setting up system wide defenses in all Catian controlled systems. This announcement was accompanied by a reported massive increase in mining revenue in several key systems and talk of ever increasing garrisons on Catian colony worlds.


Along with this good news some bad news also came to light; the CDF (Catian Defense Force) commander announced that while executing the CEI they had received credible information about several Arakhari outposts within Catian space and had already found and eliminated one such outpost and would proceed to do the same with the other with little delay in the CEI itself.

The Speaker Eris also had a personal comment on the recent Arakhari raids

"We will not sit idle while our people suffer from the weak and selfish Arakhari, these pirates are a plague on the universe and they will be dealt with as such. Anyone suspected of conspiring with the Arakhari will hereby be imprisoned and put on trial to find the truth, any outside faction suspected of conspiring with them shall be dealt with harshly as well".

After this announcement reports started coming in about illegal home searches and several arrests have already been reported. The thing on most peoples minds right now is, why is the military the one executing these searches and arrests and not the local police. The answer? By all accounts it seems the local police forces on all Catian worlds have been placed under military control. We have yet to actually get any confirmation of this as of yet.


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Catian Planetary Leases Now Available!

Have you always wanted a lovely garden world for your colonists but could just never find one that suited you? Well look no further, Catia is now taking applicants for our new planetary lease program! All the planets we are offering for lease are genuine gardens, are we have plenty to choose from!


Now you might be asking yourself "under what terms can we lease these beautiful planets!" and we have the answers you seek. There are several base terms for our lease agreements dealing with things such as military presence (Don't worry, we will let you defend your planet), production facilities (Primarily dealing with military vessels), and of course the big one, the payments.

For more information regarding the Catian Planetary Lease Program please contact your nearest Catian representative.

These worlds won't be available forever, contact us now!

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Down With The Pirate Menace!

Today the Speaker Eris announced the planned formation of an anti-pirate pact between any willing factions wishing to cooperate and coordinate against the rising Arakhari threat in the galaxy. This pact would require nothing from the members other than to share any information they receive on the Arakhari such as stronghold locations, fleet locations, colony locations, ect. Any member of this new pact might also receive financial and military assistance in the event of an emergency however this is not required between the members.

If you are interested please contact your nearest Catian representative to learn more,

Trouble Afoot

Reports are flooding in about a large scale military deployment on Kittens Paw. So far the military has only reported this as a "military training exercise" however it would seem the military forces are armed with live ammunition and seem to be very tense about whatever is about to happen.

The Speaker was asked about this deployment as well and her response was simply this "This is the will of the cat gods, this is but a ritual cleansing of the impure, nothing more, nothing less". This statement has led many to believe this deployment is religiously motivated and may have in fact been ordered by the Speaker herself. The question on peoples minds now is what will happen, and I believe we will find out soon enough.

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