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Tom Swift

A CHOAM Announcement

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Many months ago, ship flying the standard of the Company's Nariph Division was most brutally and unwarrantedly shot down by Revenant military craft during an expeditionary voyage across the Kairavamori System. Commander Brandon Lancaster and his crew will never return to their hometowns, to their families. The 100 (mostly unarmed) Company surveyors, aboard to chart a navigable and profitable passage, met the same fate. In the same vein, the Revenants have assaulted Quarian holdings in Dakka system and enlisted mercenaries to agitate revolt on the Quarian homeworld. Thousands of Quarian dockworkers lay dead. Millions more cower in abandoned subway and sewer tunnels, hiding from Revenant funded insurgents. While the Galaxy may overlook and even tolerate such acts of piracy and aggression carried out amidst the lawless void of space, the Company will not abide by this chaos. The Company will not observe as the Revenants engage in terrorism and anarchy. No, order must be restored. Quarian solvency must be maintained. The Spice must flow.

In light of these transgressions, coupled with a recent offensive on the Revenant-Quarian front, CHOAM recognizes a state of hostility with the Revenants. Commission has been issued for captains of all spacefaring ships operating under the Company to outfit their vessels and engage in military confrontation. Full sovereignty, including exclusive mining rights, has been declared over the entirety of the Kairavamori system. 

Above a Recenant occupied moon, Fighter Division 14 of Fighter Group Center has reported the destruction of several reconnaissance craft. Departing from a refurbished Corporate Franchise in the Battala system, privateers and Company space forces alike burn towards the Kairavamori System in pursuit of profit, adventure, and retribution.

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