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Interstellar News Agency Special Report III

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Nakh'maar Security Solutions (NIS) is reporting a major victory over the Fallen, a criminal cartel responsible for numerous acts of terrorism, extortion, piracy and theft throughout the inner systems.  NIS forces intercepted a pirate fleet in the Amada system as they approached the Arakhari colony world of Durak, catching the flotilla off guard and annihilating it with minimal losses as it neared orbit.  NIS representatives claim the final tally stands at 18 pirate corvettes, as well as numerous support craft, destroyed and advise that ships approaching Durak proceed cautiously to avoid any spaceborn debris in orbit of the planet.  

In financial news, Raikh Interstellar Technologies is reporting over 330 billion in sales this quarter, following successful scientific panels on a number of Arakhari worlds. RIT press officers have pledged that the proceeds of these sales will be reinvested in future research and development in order to ensure that RIT can continue to offer a range of high quality products to galactic consumers.  CHAOM industries, on the other hand, continues to struggle as pirate fleets raid their outposts, with losses reported in several systems in the past month.  CHAOM representatives have remained tight-lipped regarding the losses, but shareholders are said to be critical of the security precautions in place at isolated outposts on a number of planets.

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