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Galactic Rankings V

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Most colonized worlds:

1) Arakhari

2) Linus

3) Amaryllis

4) JHE

5) Rnar


Most technologies researched:

1) Arakhari

2) Josh

3) Anti

4) Panzer

5) Nikoli


Most systems with Docks/FOBs/Pirate strongholds/Mercenary Barracks:

1) Jimmy

2) Pentamix

3) Arakhari

4) Josh

5) Rnar


Highest research bonus:

1) Josh

2) Pentamix

3) Arakhari

4) Linus

5) Jimmy


General Information:

Number of economic depressions: 0

Number of economic booms: 0

Number of agricultural famines: 2

Number of agricultural bumper crops: 0


Number of space battle fought to date: 47

Number of ground battles fought to date: 10

Number of orbital bombardments: 3

Number of successful espionage operations carried out to date: 26

Number of mines raided to date: 9

Number of slave raids to date: 0

Number of colonies settled to date: 27

Number of colonies revolted to date: 3

Number of extermination ops carried out to date: 0

Number of trade ship trades: 0


Number of successful mineral surveys: 181

Number of mines constructed: 120


Number of Shield colonies constructed: 0

Number of Trade colonies constructed: 2

Number of Manufacturing colonies constructed: 6

Number of Research colonies constructed: 6

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