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  1. Shifty Stranger

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    Returns to kill @LordStrum
  2. +++ ChanServ has given op to ShiftyStranger ShiftyStranger kicks down the door SWAT everybody on the fucking ground ShiftyStranger sweeps every room with his spas-12 CLEAR oh shit- WE GOT A RUNNER ShiftyStranger shoots Psweet in the leg *ViKy raises an eyebrow slowly Ma'am are you responsible for this residence? *um..... *mebbeee We regret to inform you that Psweet will have to be taken by animal control sorry, but it's the law *well shit kek ShiftyStranger helps himself to ViKy's liquor ShiftyStranger takes a shot of vodka Well, have a good day. ShiftyStranger drives until he reaches the woods ShiftyStranger pulls Psweet outta the trunk animal control my ass ShiftyStranger begins boiling Psweet *o.o you'll make an excellent soup ShiftyStranger throws pine cones and laffy taffy into the water *>.> *<.< ShiftyStranger watches as the broth thickens ShiftyStranger takes the finished soup back into town and serves it at the county fair "is good soup, only a dollar per bowl" ShiftyStranger watches in amazement as people collapse on the ground from stomach pain ShiftyStranger is transfixed as he sees Psweet clones slowly burst out of people's intestines YES MY CHILDREN RISE FROM THE BLOOD OF THE FALLEN AND BECOME A SCOURGE UPON THIS LAND ShiftyStranger raises an upside down cross into the air and impales into the ground sending a wave of dark energy *wtf Shifty ShiftyStranger laughs as he sees all plant life reduced to ashes and the reanimation of the empty vessels that once carried the Psweet clones BEHOLD MY LEGION OF CHAOS ShiftyStranger orders the Psweet clones to form an amalgamation of death and despair ShiftyStranger chants as the Psweet clones contort and form an orb of bodies and lost souls longing to return to the abyss *ViKy throws vodka at ShiftyStranger YOU SHALL BEGIN THE HARVEST **B reaps ShiftyStranger ShiftyStranger stands over the Psweet orb as it descends up cities, consuming the living and growing in power **This is a weird katamari fanfic B join me and I shall make you one of my generals you shall control the wastelands to the East *ViKy facepalms **literally roll them good answer ShiftyStranger hands B his receipt and waiver for the Eastern half of the post-apocalyptic world ShiftyStranger continues reducing entire swaths of land into graveyards LET THIS BE A TESTAMENT TO THE FAILURE OF MANKIND ShiftyStranger sunders the Earth and dives into the molten depths of the core ShiftyStranger merges with the planet and becomes a distorted and corrupted sentient planet I AM A GOD *pretty sure you aren't ShiftyStranger spends the rest of his existence devouring life across the galaxy the end **So is the earth now a giant sphere entirely composed of Psweets?
  3. Science has gone 2 far m8
  4. I never thought BK would be so degenerate as to have member inspired erotica. Gg Queersar. gg.
  5. V95.42 forced landing of spacecraft injuring occupant http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2015/10/01/444789785/struck-by-a-macaw-now-theres-a-medical-diagnosis-code-for-that
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