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  1. Your application has been REJECTED. If you have questions about why, you can direct your inquires here.
  2. Your application has been REJECTED. If you have questions about why, you can direct your inquires here.
  3. Your application has been REJECTED. If you have questions about why, you can direct your inquires here.
  4. Aren't you already in BK? lol
  5. Zombie Shifty My name is Yosodog and I declare Lyre to be our new overlord and dictator. All hail Lyre! *also I made your rep a perfect, round 600
  6. These are pretty good. Can't really see the nipples clear enough, however they look fine. Very bouncy, but just isn't perky enough. 8/10
  7. That was probably the most I've read in a month.
  8. They have pretty good shape, but the nipples bro. They've got good width but the height of them is way out of proportion. The ratios are way off. 7.8/10, I'd still motorboat. She also looks like she's supporting them a little bit with her arms which makes it so you can't make an accurate prediction.
  9. Turn back now if you don't want to see boobies. The long awaited sql to my best series ever, "The Quest for the Perfect Tits." You can view that thread here. First of all, let's get something out of the way. We in no way discriminate against fake tits. We're simply looking for the pair of tits. It doesn't matter whether or not nature created them or your favorite plastic surgeon, boobs are boobs. We're going to go ahead and take a look at one of the most famous Reddit girls, /u/exilevilify (she also went by unicornblood12). There are a ton of her pictures out there so here's a link to one of the best albums I could find of her. Let's start. This girl was truly bless and apparently, they're real. She posted some gif of her bouncing them around (which I can't find) and it seemed like they were real. However, I'm not expert at fake tits but I'm gonna believe these are real. Here's our first image. As you can see, perky, nipple coloration is amazing, and the nipple size is also right where it should be. She's not even supporting them up at all and they're still holding strong. Fake?????? Don't tell me that or I'll lose hope. Now here we get a bit different lighting. As you can see her tits are fairly veiny, which isn't horrible at all. However, it does deduct a point. Now before you call me a shallow ass hole, you have to remember that this is the quest for the perfect tits. PERFECT. Tits aren't all about just the tits, the surrounding area should also be great. Her body is really good, however it's not perfect. She doesn't have that great curves and she doesn't have that line going down the middle. Not sure what that's called... it's like in the middle of her abs and goes down to her belly button. Here's a full frontal of her body. You're definitely going for the boobs and not the body. Don't get me wrong, good body, but not perfect. Underboob and the camera isn't even under the boob? Yup, pretty good. They really look fake here, but I'm still holding on to hope. In fact, these look like completely different tits but I can assure you they're the same pair. Not a fan of the swimsuit, but I am a fan of the boobs. So let's get to our conclusion. I give this girl a 9.3/10 for her tits. They're perfectly perky, her nipple shape and color are pretty much perfect, though they're really veiny. Unfortunately, someone found out who this girl was and blackmailed her and she hasn't returned to reddit ever since. What a shame. rip in peace exilevilify. And to all the haters out there, fuck youuuuuu Stay tuned, next time we examine pretty good tits. Let's be real, you didn't read anything I typed smh
  10. Guess you aren't joining back then
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