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  1. Visit Yoitz!

    More coming soon! If you'd like to travel to Yoitz, don't be shy - Nyanro is here to answer all your questions :3
  2. Catia

    Now that Eris' image loaded [for some reason it hasn't earlier] I can see its from Asobi ni iku yo! Haven't seen that one (but since almost all ecchi are the same I can imagine whats its all about lol)
  3. Catia

    mfw ppl say that Outlaw Star/Angel Links isn't a super popular anime franchise "Just don't make cat-ppl look bad with your strange human-ish fantasies." signed: ~Typical Catian Ctarl-Ctarl working-class heroine.
  4. Catia

    ^So thats how foreigners see Catians...nya? Silly foreigners, they'll never understand Catian ways, nyahahahaha~~
  5. Stuff about the RP forum

    Cześć! o7 I'll be waiting then
  6. Stuff about the RP forum

    I'd like to try RP too (a bit) so notice me with this ---> @Nyanro if something comes up and you'll need people. I'm often on forums but most time busy with guarding the Yoso's Strip Club, Round Table and current issues.