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  1. Tatras Announcements

    Peace in our time After a long period of hostilities, the Arakhari and Tatras have officially agreed to a ceasefire in and around the Tudran system. The ceasefire will be upheld on the following terms: The Arakhari cease all raiding and slaving against Tatras in systems 23, 28, 32 and 33. Tatras recognize exclusive Arakhari ownership of system 37, grant permission for Arakhari ships to pass through Tatras-controlled space on route to other systems and pledge that any existing Arakhari strongholds in systems 23, 28, 32 and 33 will not be attacked. The Arakhari and the Tatreans agree to cede any colonies held by the other in systems 33 and 37 and pledge not to expel, exterminate or otherwise dispossess existing colonists on said colonies. This announcement comes after a prolonged skirmish between the Arakhari and Tatras on the Arakhari-occupied colony of Pysny. Citizens of both the colony and the Tatras homeworld Gerlach were seen celebrating the news of being finally reunited with their families, while administrators begin the task of integrating the Arakhari populace into Tatras culture.
  2. Tatras Border Quarantine Effective immediately, any and all unannounced ships in Tatras space will be destroyed. Ships may pass through Tatras space unimpeded if they submit a temporary pass request to the Tatras Space Affairs Office on Gerlach. Thank you for your compliance.
  3. Who am I?

    not what youre mum sed don'tkickmepleaseit'sjustaprankbro
  4. Who am I?

    your gay