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  1. Change Log (Josh Version)

    Any orders that involve ship movements that do not have the start location listed will be ignored and not processed
  2. Most colonized worlds: 1) Curu 2) Amar 3) Linus 4) Jimmy 5) Lelouch Most technologies researched: 1) Curu 2) Amar 3) Jimmy 4) Lelouch 5) Rye Most systems with Docks/FOBs/Pirate strongholds/Mercenary Barracks: 1) Tom 2) Amar 3) Curu 4) Jimmy 5) Linus Highest research bonus: 1) Tom 2) Rye 3) Amar 4) Curu 5) Jimmy General Information: Number of economic depressions: 0 Number of economic booms: 1 Number of agricultural famines: 0 Number of agricultural bumper crops: 0 Number of space battle fought to date: 7 Number of ground battles fought to date: 1 Number of orbital bombardments: 0 Number of successful espionage operations carried out to date: 3 Number of mines raided to date: 0 Number of slave raids to date: 0 Number of colonies settled to date: 16 Number of colonies revolted to date: 1 Number of extermination ops carried out to date: 0 Number of trade ship trades: 0
  3. Mineral Values (Round VI)

  4. Galactic News Agency: Report II

    Catia Military attacked whilst enforcing border laws Earlier today whilst enforcing Catia's new border laws in regards to the Enoch System the border patrol was attacked. Foreign vessels under the control of the Empire of the Kislevites attempted and succeeded to board a civilian construction vessel and were repelled when attempting the same on another vessel. However, the most damage was caused by the unexpected arrival of the fleet from Elysia. It seems the superior number of fighters managed to overwhelm Catia's border patrol. With not many survivors scattered across a few odd Catia ships, we are all wondering what Catia will do next to counter this foreign incursion.
  5. Galactic News Agency: Report I

    Catian Military enforces the law In recent weeks news has been emerging from the Catian home system of Kriseroi regarding a military conflict between Catia and an unknown faction. When speaking to Admiral Qoone of the First Catia fleet this was said "As part of our government's recent announcements we detained an unauthorised vessel that had entered our controlled space. As well as this the Second Catia Fleet was attacked by a group of ships who's identity we are not revealing at the current time. The attacks by this group of ships were unsuccessful and they have now been dealt with." Flag planting in the Hoplos System We have received unusual photos from the Hoplos System that appear to show soldiers planting flags on every asteroid in an asteroid belt. It appears that this is a factions way of showing the galaxy that they own this belt. Unfortunately, none of these photos clearly show the factions flag however once we have confirmation we will let you know. We hope to bring you more on this story as it develops
  6. Round VI Stats

    No. of planets: 243 No. of moons: 173 No of stars: 62 No of systems: 48 Av. no. of planets per system: 5.06 Av. no of moons per system: 3.60 Av. no. of stars per system: 1.29 No. of garden worlds: 54 No. of hostile worlds: 63 No. of asteroid belts: 8 No. of ocean worlds: 46 No. of ice worlds: 74 No. of rock worlds: 94 No. of hadean worlds: 23 No. of gas giants: 47 No. of factions with ‘uncreative:’ 5 No. of factions with ‘creative:’ 0 No. of factions with of ‘anarchy:’ 2 No. of factions with ‘feudal:’ 1 No. of factions with ‘dictatorship:’ 3 No. of factions with ‘democracy:’ 2 No. of factions with ‘unification:’ 0 No. of factions with ‘low-G homeworld:’ 3 No. of factions with ‘high-G homeworld:’ 1 No. of factions with ‘aquatic homeworld:’ 1 No. of factions with ‘subterranean:’ 1 No. of factions with ‘synthetic:’ 3 No. of factions with ‘lithovore:’ 0 No. of factions with ‘tolerant:’ 3 No. of factions with ‘telepathic:’ 3
  7. Mineral Values (Round VI)

    Resources Gold - 100 per level Platinum - 100 per level Titanium - 200 per level Uranium - 400 per level Plutonium - 500 per level Iridium - 500 per level Palladium - 100 per level Cobalt - 300 per level Polonium - 500 per level Lithium - 600 per level Thorium - 500 per level Beryllium - 400 per level Helium - 500 per level Hydrogen - 500 per level Updated as at start of Turn 11
  8. Change Log (Josh Version)

    Nope meant to be System. The base FTL tech is meant to represent that you can use FTL travel however it is always a blind jump because you can't accurately get the correct navigation calculations yet. Basically its a way of delaying one faction rushing this tech and fighter spamming across the map But I am sure that will happen anyway
  9. Well, I was not going to make any rule changes until at least turn 10 but that has gone out the window. Here are the following rule changes that will apply before the game starts. Trait Changes Aquatic Homeworld [8 points] - Now all Aquatic species start on an Ocean Homeworld. This will have the same population cap as if it was a Garden Homeworld Tolerant [8 points] - Now all Tolerant species start on a Hostile Homeworld. This will have the same population cap as if it was a Garden Homeworld Combat Value changes Instead of each ship being split equally between Speed, Armour, Damage and Weapons they will now be split with a specific ratio of Offensive to Defensive. The following tables show you what each ships base combat will be split up as percentages Defence Defence Offense Offense Ship Speed Armour Damage Weapons ODP 35% 35% 15% 15% Dreadnought 20% 20% 30% 30% Carrier 35% 35% 15% 15% Cruiser 30% 30% 20% 20% Frigate 25% 25% 25% 25% Corvette 20% 20% 30% 30% Fighter 12.5% 12.5% 37.5% 37.5% Raider 20% 20% 30% 30% Unarmed Ships 50% 50% 0% 0% More details can be found on the Combat Value page in the rules Research Changes Now for a lot of research, you will have prerequisite technologies that you must research before researching other technologies. As well as this the tech levels have now changed to take into account the progressive tech increases. For a lot of the tech, it will be the following. 1 - Medium Research. 2 - Medium Research. 3 - Large Research. More details in the research guide. Unique Tech - FTL Changes Now the FTL base tech will allow fighters to travel between systems however the destination system will be random due to this tech not possessing accurate navigation. A new tech has been introduced called the FTL Navigation Module which allows the accurate movement between systems. The aim of this is to discourage fighter spam early game. Combat Ratio Changes If the combat ratios for both Ground and Space combat go more than 50/1 or 1/50 than the side with 1 will be instantly wiped out regardless of any additional modifiers they have.
  10. Application etc... [Accepted]

    Well if Leo is doing his job right we should never have a superior officer who gives an order to break rules as for the two officers. 1st Rock paper scissors. 2nd Who supports the correct GoT house 3rd Ask the person higher up
  11. Application etc... [Accepted]

    express my opinion. if they still want to go ahead with the order after opinion sharing then go ahead with it.
  12. Application etc... [Accepted]

    If I have to then I will RULE BRITANNIA Kiwi is best no u? Protection, economics benefits, will be extremely active but at the current point in time no job. Maybe in future Please be aware though that in 3-4 days I will be going into VM for 14 days. Leo already said its fine
  13. Application etc... [Accepted]

    It's in the post
  14. Application etc... [Accepted]

    I put forward Kiwi the cat as my champion
  15. Application etc... [Accepted]

    As your former archduke of defence, I demand a trial by combat instead of the academy