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  1. We are currently on turn 14. Orders for that turn can be submitted until 7:pm EST on December 11th, at which point we will begin turn 15.
  2. Insurance premiums have skyrocketed following reports of widespread raids on galactic mining interests by Arakhari pirates. Although exact numbers are difficult to come by, experts estimate that the total value of assets seized by pirates is in excess of $200b, a figure that is expected to rise in coming months. While a handful of suspected pirate vessels have been destroyed in recent weeks, galactic governments have proven unable to stem the flow of raiders into their systems, prompting unrest among investors and concern in the business community that piracy will continue unchecked. According to analysts, mines in the Zetauri, Proxima, Latiri and Deluvia system have been the hardest hit, but Arakhari operations are said to be expanding all along the inner rim. The Arakhari have thus far rebuffed all diplomatic efforts to end the piracy crisis, with Nakh'maar representatives reportedly claiming that 'mines belong to those who can defend them' and promising more raids in the future. In other news, critics have condemned the brutal crackdown by Catian forces following an uprising on Dogisia, a colony world in the Hydrae system. Catian soldiers have been accused of conducting extrajudicial killings ranging from summary executions of suspected rebel sympathizers to flagrant targeting of noncombatants fleeing the fighting. In one particularly notorious incident, Catian officers were recorded celebrating in the bombed out ruins of a local orphanage before ordering an artillery bombardment on a retirement home that, military spokesman insisted, was a rebel command post. Although rebel forces are said to be on the verge of surrender, human rights activists fear that the humanitarian crisis on Dogisia will only intensify when Catian authorities reassert their control over the planet.
  3. Most colonized worlds: 1) The Children 2) Altrion 3) Catia 4) Tatras 5) Arakhari Most technologies researched: 1) Arakhari 2) Catia 3) Altrion 4) Purrsians 5) ONI Most systems with Docks/FOBs/Pirate strongholds/Mercenary Barracks: 1) Arakhari 2) LT&S 3) ONI 4) Catia 5) The Children Highest research bonus: 1) ONI 2) LT&S 3) Arakhari 4) Tatras 5) The Children General Information: Number of economic depressions: 1 Number of economic booms: 0 Number of agricultural famines: 0 Number of agricultural bumper crops: 0 Number of colonies settled: 20 Number of planets surveyed: 135 Number of mines built: 86 Number of SCs built: 1 Number of MCs built: 5 Number of TCs built: 3 Number of RCs built: 3 Number of space battle fought: 11 Number of ground battles fought: 4 Number of espionage operations: 3 Number of mines raided: 76 Number of slave raids: 0 Number of trade ship trades: 13 Number of colonies revolted: 3 Number of extermination ops: 0 Number of orbital bombardments: 0 Number of planetary blockades: 1
  4. These mineral values are applicable from the beginning of turn 11 until the end of turn 20 Resources Gold - 400 per level Platinum - 500 per level Titanium - 400 per level Uranium - 600 per level Plutonium - 100 per level Iridium - 100 per level Palladium - 400 per level Cobalt - 200 per level Polonium - 600 per level Lithium - 600 per level Thorium - 400 per level Beryllium - 300 per level Helium - 100 per level Hydrogen - 300 per level
  5. Dranek Technologies (DT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holdings LLC, is proud to announce the development and successful deployment of the Raikh Fusion Engine (RFE). Scheduled to enter full production later this week, the RFE is a revolutionary step forward in space travel that will have profound consequences for exploration, trade and travel throughout the known galaxy. Want to visit the Catians but they won't let you refuel in their systems because of their rampant xenophobia? RFE. Do you have a lifelong desire to swim with the Jellyfish but can't make the journey in your clunky, outdated ONI transport? RFE. Are you obsessed with goat meat but can't afford the cost of a conventional flight to Desna? RFE. No matter what your weird personal preference may be, having access to an RFE engine will make it possible! So don't wait: contact your local DT representative today!