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  1. Dranek Technologies (DT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holdings LLC, is pleased to announce an intergalactic symposium to showcase recent breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. Panels will be set up on the Arakhari colony worlds of Sazgoth and Kanin and will feature demonstrations of new advances in spacecraft, infantry and infrastructure logistics, advanced stealth and detection technology and new medical implants capable of raising the fertility of any organic species. Test craft, piloted by skilled NSS personnel, will showcase the Raikh quantum engine, a state of the art propulsion system guaranteed to extend the range of any craft built for inter-system travel. NSS operatives will also be demonstrating advanced laser-based spacecraft and infantry weapons and the revolutionary titanium-alloy armour developed for use on Arakhari ships. DT engineers will exhibit highly advanced mining techniques guaranteed to improve mine profitability by an astonishing 100 percent and new gas giant cracking technology that allows for easy harvesting of valuable helium and hydrogen reserves. Each panel will also feature representatives from Arakhari Holdings LLC to assist with all sales requests. To purchase tickets to the panels, please contact your nearest DT representative. Group rate discounts are available.
  2. The Tatrean High Command is now accepting bids from interested parties for next generation weapon and armor systems. Priority will be given to bids that provide dual use orbital- and infantry-based combat technology, as well spacecraft armour and propulsion systems. Tatrean colony worlds will also be accepting bids to supply laser pointers, small rubber balls, water spray bottles and other anti-feline counter measures effective immediately. Please contact the Tatras Defence Ministry on Gerlach for further details.
  3. 1) The research bonus granted by RCs is doubled, meaning that a Class I RC provides 4 research points, a Class II provides 8, a Class III provides 12 and a Class IV provides 16. This change may get walked back in future rounds (probably to 3 per step), but it will help balance the research-oriented trait, which is will also be walked back after this round (to 150 percent rather than 200 percent) 2) Ships with the hazard tracker can now travel through purple space lanes in 1, rather than 1 to 2, turns 3) Inspect buildings (faction wide) can only be carried out on homeworlds and/or planets or moons where a Manufacturing Colony or Class IV or larger Mercenary, Pirate or Corporate Outpost is present.
  4. Round VI.5 Changelog

    Minor tweaks for clarification: - The protecting civilians option in combat now extends to buildings on the planet as well, meaning that if you're trying to avoid exploding civilians you're also trying to avoid exploding the areas where they live and work - It more explicitly states in the espionage section that the bonuses (and negatives) for espionage ops on a TC or occupied world apply both on the surface and in orbit And stuff I've been doing anyway and/or think is the best way to handle increasingly complicated combat situations: - Espionage always takes place before combat, meaning that if an attacking or defending spacecraft is disabled before combat occurs its CV is not added to the attacking or defending force. If a spacecraft is hijacked and other spacecraft belonging to its new owners in orbit of the same planet or moon are attacked, the hijacked spacecraft's CV is added to the defender's total. A spacecraft cannot attack on the same turn it is hijacked. If a spacecraft is hijacked it can be attacked normally if it is detected by the attacking faction on the following turn. If it is not detected on the turn after it was hijacked it can still be attacked if it remains in orbit of the planet or moon where it was hijacked on the previous turn. - Spacecraft or ground forces that engaged in combat the previous turn can move to another location on the following turn. Any spacecraft that were captured as a result of that combat (such as disabled ships) can relocate as well. However, if a second round of combat is initiated in orbit of the same planet or moon, any spacecraft belonging to the defending faction that 1) haven't withdrawn or 2) did not participate in combat on the previous turn are preempted by the attack and cannot withdraw. This occurs even if the spacecraft in question weren't detected by the attacking faction (this is based on the assumption the attackers stumble upon the previously undetected ships while attempting to attack the spacecraft that have withdrawn). So if 50 fighters attack an enemy fleet and 5 corvettes perform espionage against the same fleet, on the following turn the fighters can withdraw but the corvettes would be preempted if they (or the withdrawing fighters) were attacked.
  5. We are currently on turn 37. Orders for that turn can be submitted until 7:pm EST on February 19th, at which point we will begin turn 38.
  6. Open warfare is raging in the Tudran system this week, as Tatrean and Purrsian spacecraft clash over the Tatrean colony world of Pysny in a series of skirmishes that have led to mounting losses on both sides. Early reports indicate that Purrsian forces launched an unprovoked attack on Tatrean transports ferrying troops from Pysny, which had only recently been retaken from colonial rebel forces. Purrsian ships then established a blockade of the planet, turning away LT&S ships that sought to trade at the colony as the surviving Tatrean transports withdrew from the combat zone. The Tatrean High Command, still struggling to suppress uprisings in its largest colonies, has condemned the unprovoked aggression and deployed a fleet to the Tudran system to defend its holdings there. Purrsian and Tatrean ships have since clashed in the skies above Pysny, although according to officials on both sides neither has gained an advantage over the other. Although the Purrsian government has not provided a public justification for its sudden invasion of Tatras' space, analysts speculate that the recent defence pact between Purrsia and Catia (the so-called 'Feline Bloc') has emboldened the Purrsians to adopt more expansionist policies. Tatrean officials have vowed to resist Purrsian aggression, although many doubt that their weakened empire can fend off a determined assualt by the Felines.
  7. Saeton's Application [Accepted]

    Hey, it's Saeton. You spoken to Jodo lately? If so, how's he doing?
  8. Nakh'maar Security Solutions (NSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holdings LLC, in partnership with Dranek Technologies and Raum Solar Mapping, is proud to offer a wide range of military services to factions across the galaxy. Hard working, reliable and surprisingly well-armed, NSS personnel are perfect for a variety of clandestine and not so clandestine operations that can be tailored to fit any budget. Looking to expand beyond your territory but worried about accidently stumbling into an enemy war fleet? NSS offers some of the stealthiest spacecraft in existence for all your scouting and reconnaissance needs. Want to invade your neighbour's system but concerned that your slow, outdated ships will end up as smoking space debris? NSS ships are some of the toughest around and will be happy to support your weak and ineffectual fleet in acts of unprovoked aggression. Interested in waging a proxy war but find it impossible to funnel money to rebels before Catian forces kill every civilian on the planet? NSS has infrastructure in dozens of systems and is more than able to cause headaches for your rival that will distract them from you and your impeding invasion of their space. Whether you're an expansionist superpower seeking to oppress your neighbours or a military minnow desperately trying to hold on to what you have, NSS has the ships, troops, technology and intel that you need to succeed. So why wait? Contact your nearest NSS representative today and begin making your dreams of conquest a reality.
  9. Raum Solar Mapping (RSM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holding LLC, is proud to announce the looming completion of its Terrestrial Mapping Initiative (TMI), a project to systematically explore and chart all known system in the galaxy. TMI encompasses the 33 systems that can be reached by conventional propulsion and includes the position of any mineral deposits and colonies in known space. In the interests of scientific discovery, RSM is willing to make these maps available to interested parties in exchange for very modest administrative and shipping and handling fees. If you're looking to expand, seeking an edge against your opponents or just looking to spy on your neighbours, ask for TMI today! In related news, Dranek Technologies (DT) will be holding a technology fair on the Arakhari colony world of Lepus II later this month. In addition to the groundbreaking Raikh engine, exhibits will showcase Arakhari advances in deflector shields, spacecraft logistics, detection and fertility tech, all available for your purchasing pleasure. Contact your local DT representative for tickets - group rates are available.
  10. Tatrean colonies across the galaxy have risen in revolt against the central government this week, following a crippling famine that has seen millions of civilians die from malnutrition and exposure. The famine, which was sparked by consecutive failed harvests on the Tatrean homeworld of Gerlach, has increased latent dissatisfaction with Tatras' colonial policy, which limits voting rights for colonial citizens in the Tatrean Parliament. The Tatrean high command has vowed to crush the rebels, who call themselves the Tatrean Democratic Union, and deployed spacecraft and ground forces to assist local garrisons in the Latiri, Chorren and Tudran systems. Fighting is said to already be raging across Tatrean space, with rebels and garrison forces battling in dozens of cities across three colony worlds. Anti-capitalist sentiment has also led to uprisings on the corporate worlds of Earth and Calcutta, as local citizens demand increased self-rule from the corporations that control the colonies. Local security forces are said to be struggling to contain planet-wide protests, while share prices have tumbled in the wake of increasing violence. In Catian space, an incipient uprising has been meet with a brutal crackdown on dissidents, with more than 40 million purported rebel sympathizers killed outright by Catian death squads and millions more displaced or confined to government-run refugee camps. Observers have condemned atrocities commited by Catian forces, but the Catian government brushed off the mounting civilian death toll as an acceptable price to pay for stability. Humanitarian organizations have sought access to the colonies in the Minoris system but have been unable to obtain entrance visas for their personnel due to Catia's restrictive immigration policies. In other news, mining futures have steadily risen following a marked reduction in pirate activity galaxy-wide, encouraging investors that had feared that relentless raiding by criminal elements would undermine the industry as a whole. Rumours are spreading that several galactic governments have purchased the respite from raiders by providing regular subsidies to local pirate groups, but officials have refused to comment on the matter. The Arakhari, which are said to be deeply involved in trading illicit minerals, slaves and other contraband, have also refused to comment, but their colony worlds are said to be experiencing an unprecedented economic boom in recent months.
  11. Loaf's Application [Accepted]

    Daloaf! I remember you