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  1. We are currently on turn 65. Orders for that turn can be submitted until 7:pm EST on April 21st, at which point we will begin turn 66.
  2. The ONI colony world of Tantalus has fallen to LT&S forces, leaving them in control of the bulk of the Eidera system. ONI spokespeople have refused to comment on the loss, but observers are blaming poor training, insufficient ammunition and low morale among ONI's security forces for their rapid defeat. ONI's remaining holdings outside of Eidera have also come under pressure, with Vermintide and Elysian ships sighted in the Epsilon and Zaniah systems and skirmishes erupting over a number of worlds in both systems. ONI colonies in the area are reportedly scrambling to bolster their defences, although the decision to neglect military spending in favour of rapid colonization in the Epsilon and Aquarii systems may have comprised ONI's ability to mount an effective defence against its neighbours. Nakh'maar representatives have not confirmed whether their forces have been hired by either side of the conflict, although an unusually large number of Arakhari spacecraft are said to be operating in the contested systems.
  3. LT&S share prices are soaring following reports of successive victories over ONI military forces in the Eidera system, including landings on the colony world of Tantalus and the destruction of the ONI fleets stationed in the system. The conflict, which broke out following allegations that ONI had sponsored Arakhari attacks against LT&S assets in the Theta, Aradin, Bizanti and Zaniah systems, has soured investor confidence in ONI's ambitious Pangaea initiative amid fears that the high number of projected corporate colonies will not be defensible if LT&S forces choose to expand their operations into other systems. ONI representatives have denied the allegations and insisted that the Pangaea initiative will continue as planned, but the sudden seizure of ONI assets in the Omia system by Vermintide forces has called into question the viability of widespread corporate colonization. In any case, both ONI and LT&S are said to be reaching out to sympathetic governments as the crisis continues to escalate, although it is unknown whether any will choose to directly intervene against the feuding corporations. In the Terminus system, reports have continued to surface regarding the rapidly deteriorating situation on the Catian colonies there. Despite the Catian military quarantine, refugees have continued to stream into neighboring systems bearing garbled tales of plague, massacres and Catian spacecraft firing on civilian ships attempting to flee the planets, a charge that Catian officials have heatedly denied but soldiers returning from the system have confirmed as accurate. The Catian military has refused to comment on the reasons for the quarantine or allow direct communications with the two colonies recently established in Terminus space, but many observers fear that the turmoil is somehow linked to the Precursor ruins that Catian scientists had been investigating before the information blackout was imposed.
  4. Most colonized worlds: 1) ONI 2) The Children 3) Catia 4) Purrsians 5) Arakhari Most technologies researched: 1) Arakhari 2) Catia 3) ONI 4) LT&S 5) Purrsians Most systems with Docks/FOBs/Pirate strongholds/Mercenary Barracks: 1) LT&S 2) Arakhari 3) ONI 4) Catia 5) Purrsians Highest research bonus: 1) LT&S 2) ONI 3) Catia 4) Lamia 5) Arakhari General Information: Number of economic depressions: 4 Number of economic booms: 6 Number of agricultural famines: 4 Number of agricultural bumper crops: 5 Number of colonies settled: 64 Number of planets surveyed: 547 Number of mines built: 503 Number of SCs built: 6 Number of MCs built: 14 Number of TCs built: 14 Number of RCs built: 26 Number of space battle fought: 289 Number of ground battles fought: 119 Number of espionage operations: 90 Number of mines raided: 822 Number of slave raids: 16 Number of trade ship trades: 247 Number of colonies revolted: 19 Number of extermination ops: 2 Number of orbital bombardments: 56 Number of planetary blockades: 23 Number of successful reverse engineerings: 9 Number of infected planets: 3
  5. These mineral values are applicable from the beginning of turn 61 until the end of turn 70 Resources Gold - 300 per level Platinum - 300 per level Titanium - 100 per level Uranium - 500 per level Plutonium - 500 per level Iridium - 300 per level Palladium - 500 per level Cobalt - 100 per level Polonium - 200 per level Lithium - 300 per level Thorium - 500 per level Beryllium - 100 per level Helium - 600 per level Hydrogen - 100 per level
  6. Max Wittgenstien's Application [Accepted]

    My name is Curufinwe and I vouche for this application. For the record, Max joined back in December 2016 (right before paperless), fought in Silent and against Arrgh and then left on good terms in November 2017 due to RL busyness. He might need a little refresher due to the mechanical changes since then, but otherwise he should be good to go.
  7. Catian authorities are reporting that the research teams deployed to explore the Precursor ruins in the Terminus system have fallen ominously silent. Before contact was lost, the researchers were said to be on the verge of penetrating massive vaults beneath the surface of two newly colonized planets that, due to the presence of heavily encrypted security protocols, may hold valuable caches of Precursor technology. Despite the best efforts of Catian linguists, translation of the Precursor language has been painfully slow, but a partial rendering of the writing on the vaults seems to indicate that access was highly restricted. Catian forces on the planets are said to be mustering search parties to locate the missing scientists and recover any Precursor artifacts that may have been unearthed before their disappearance.
  8. Catian scientists are calling for more manpower following the discovery of relatively intact Precursor ruins on inhabitable planets in the Terminus systems. The ruins, which appear to be the remains of population centres on former Precursor colony worlds, have proven to be vast in scope, dwarfing in size any that had previously been encountered. As a result, the progress of the small survey teams that have been deployed to investigate has been painfully slow. Catian authorities are said to be confident that a thorough exploration of the ruins might yield valuable insight into the Precursor civilization, as well as previously unknown technology, but it is likely that additional manpower will be required to properly investigate the ruins.