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  1. Round VI.5 Format

    Well we could do two medium techs or one medium and two small techs and ban tech trading until turn 11 if that works for everyone. In terms of the scanning, there is a cost associated with actually building the mines and the deposit qualities will vary, so there's a random element to it, but notionally we could also limit it once I get an idea of who is starting where. This time we'll be changing it somewhat by giving maps before people buy units and buildings, so a decision can be made if someone ends up with a one planet system or something
  2. Round VI.5 Format

    Well the amounts aren't really that large - if you wanted to build, say, a Class IV colony type (40b), 6 Class III Mines (27b), a Class IV Dock (20b) and a couple of shipyards (say 10b), that's 97b right there. In terms of what someone could reasonably be expected to build in the first 10 turns or so, it's probably a fair bit less in terms of stuff. Same deal if a non gov wants to build shipyards, enlarge bases (since they'd have 6) or build industrial complexes and such. Still, I'll fold it into starting monies so people can do either buildings or units, as you suggested. As for the colony thing, most non govs end up with a colony in the first 10 turns if they're so inclined - pretty much everyone but you has either ceded colony rights in a system or sold a colony ships at some point or another (sometimes multiple times to the same player). So I'm cool with a non gova having the option to have one colony, since it's definitely something they'd have 10 turns or so in if they wanted one.
  3. Round VI.5 Format

    Alright, so I've spoken to everyone who was playing last round and opinion on going forward seems to be evenly split between options 2) starting a new round and 3) starting a new round with some tweaks to accelerate it. Personally I'm leaning towards starting with some tweaks, since the last round ended pretty early and we've all done the beginning stuff before, plus this will hopefully get into the entertaining stuff faster. Anyways, here's my thoughts on what an accelerated round would look like: 1) For Govs; - A fully surveyed home system, meaning every planet and moon in your HS is already surveyed and ready to be mined - A free medium tech of your choice - 300b in starting monies for units and buildings - Two colonies with a starting population of 26m inhabitants in either your HS or in one adjacent system of your choice that is connected by a red space lane (so you can start in two systems if you want) If someone would prefer to forgo the colonies then they can instead select an additional medium tech to start with. 2) For non-Govs - Outposts in 6 systems to start with, rather than 3 - A free medium tech of your choice - 80b in starting monies for units and buildings - One colony with a starting population of 26m inhabitants in a system in which you have an outpost (it can't be in another players' HS) If someone would prefer to forgo the colony then they can instead select an additional medium tech to start with. Anyways, these should provide people with a decent start that approximates where we were at when the last round ended and allow things to pick up a little more quickly. I've already spoken to the people who played last round, but I'd like to keep this round relatively small (so no more than 10 factions and preferably 8 or 9, with most of those being govs) and stick with 2 day turns, since I think a common problem I (as well as Josh) ran into is trying to do too much too fast, which leads to the round ending early. Since I'd like to avoid that, keeping it relatively simple should help with that. So yeah, let me know if anyone has any issues with the proposed format and we'll go from there.
  4. The Arakhari

    The Arakhari are a race of bipedal reptiles hailing from the planet Arakhar, a once verdant world in an otherwise unremarkable star system. A warlike and fiercely territorial species, the Arakhari were formerly divided into hundreds of clans that engaged in endless battles for resources, power and prestige. These wars culminated in a cataclysmic nuclear war that left Arakhar utterly devastated, an uninhabitable wasteland of burnt out cities, shattered infrastructure and toxic seas. Of the billions of citizens that once dwelt on Arakhar, only a few thousand are believed to remain on the planet, hidden in fallout shelters or scratching a living from the heavily irradiated soil. The rest, millions in number, fled Arakhar in every available spacecraft as their world burned around them to seek a new life among the stars. Although the members of the Arakhari diaspora initially sought to peacefully integrate into the galactic community, they soon discovered that few planets were willing to take in large numbers of violent and quarrelsome refugees. As a result, the Arakhari found themselves forced to the fringes of civilized society, eking out a living as petty criminals, undocumented labourers and denizens of ramshackle slums on the edges of major commercial centres. As frustration at this treatment boiled over, violence between Arakhari refugees and their host societies became commonplace, further limiting the number of planets that were willing to permit Arakhari to dwell upon their surface. The increasingly desperate Arakhari made several attempts to seize new home-worlds by force, only to find themselves ejected by their more numerous inhabitants. After more than three decades of this precarious existence, the surviving Arakhari clan chiefs met on an isolated asteroid in the Uzara system in a last-ditch effort to reverse their declining fortunes. The result was unexpected. After a brutal power struggle that saw the deaths of five chiefs and the submission of seven more, Nakh'maar Saan emerged as the undisputed leader of the Arakhari diaspora, uniting the clans for the first time in centuries. Under his leadership, the Arakhari have managed to capitalize on their warlike tendencies by deploying clan warriors as raiders, slavers and mercenaries for hire. As their capital accumulated, the profits were invested in Arakhari Holdings LLC, a commercial venture that quickly spun off several subsidiary branches, including Raum Solar Mapping and Dranek Technologies. The Arakhari have sought to leverage their growing economic might to secure exclusive colonization rights on a number of habitable worlds, so far without success. Although life is better now for the average Arakhari than at any time since Arakhar was destroyed, pressure continues to mount on Saan to secure a permanent home for his scattered people. If this goal is achieved, many fear that the Arakhari will seek to rebuild their former economic and military might by force of arms and regain their past glory at the expense of their neighbours.
  5. Transgression 1: Hyperlink Hysteria

    I appreciate your support in my reign of mild inconvenience
  6. RP Info (Rules, building stats, ship stats, ect)

    Here's the link to the document as well https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XGB3_nwMHmvrNOf9SwE6Sw0gVMSmUw_qtS5FUkxDuVU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. The Diplomacy: Entry #1

    Huh, I didn't realize we used to have an arcade - it's too bad it didn't make it.
  8. Join BK...?

    We'll have to agree to disagree there - I'd argue that being an 'arrogant something else' (true or not) isn't grounds for a permanent forum ban for someone who faithfully contributed to the AA in a number of capacities (from dip to Milcom commander to IA Duke) for almost a year, regardless of the wisdom of this blog post. As I said on IRC, I don't think the punishment fits the percieved crime here, given his background here at BK. I found the info he was passing on interesting, but embassies can be hit and miss, yeah. In any case Strum's the boss, so if he doesn't want Hidude here that is his prerogative, but I agree with your statement that this seems to be a tad much - even the initial response of telling him to like it or lump it seems more reasonable than a pre-emptive permaban, which seems to be what is in place now.
  9. Join BK...?

    I'll just repost this to conserve energy, since still seems to be relevant.
  10. Join BK...?

    That doesn't really address the points raised in the post >_>
  11. Join BK...?

    And we banned him from the forums because? I get that he could have handled this more gracefully but he's literally the only active Sparta diplomat we've ever had and I at least found some of the info he was passing along interesting. If he chooses to respond to the hostility he's invoked here by no longer frequenting the forums that's one thing, but going full nuclear and banning him over this seems over the top, given the nature of his offense.
  12. Join BK...?

    Seconded. While I disagree with your reasons for leaving, I also disagree with all the unnecessary hostility surrounding your decision to join Sparta - it's not like you're the first person to ever wander off in the history of the AA, or even the first person we've lost to Sparta. As Tiber said, the whole 'Join BK' thing is more of a joke - we humorously attempt to poach people on the forums and in #bk with it all the time, so it's not something that should be taken too seriously. For what it's worth, I enjoyed working with you and was saddened by your decision to leave, even if I (like Tiber) was a little salty about it at the time (which, if anything, should be seen as a compliment, since if you were not valued I wouldn't care that you left). So yeah, there's no hard feelings on my part either.