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  1. I appreciate your support in my reign of mild inconvenience
  2. Huh, I didn't realize we used to have an arcade - it's too bad it didn't make it.
  3. We'll have to agree to disagree there - I'd argue that being an 'arrogant something else' (true or not) isn't grounds for a permanent forum ban for someone who faithfully contributed to the AA in a number of capacities (from dip to Milcom commander to IA Duke) for almost a year, regardless of the wisdom of this blog post. As I said on IRC, I don't think the punishment fits the percieved crime here, given his background here at BK. I found the info he was passing on interesting, but embassies can be hit and miss, yeah. In any case Strum's the boss, so if he doesn't want Hidude here that is his prerogative, but I agree with your statement that this seems to be a tad much - even the initial response of telling him to like it or lump it seems more reasonable than a pre-emptive permaban, which seems to be what is in place now.
  4. I'll just repost this to conserve energy, since still seems to be relevant.
  5. That doesn't really address the points raised in the post >_>
  6. And we banned him from the forums because? I get that he could have handled this more gracefully but he's literally the only active Sparta diplomat we've ever had and I at least found some of the info he was passing along interesting. If he chooses to respond to the hostility he's invoked here by no longer frequenting the forums that's one thing, but going full nuclear and banning him over this seems over the top, given the nature of his offense.
  7. Seconded. While I disagree with your reasons for leaving, I also disagree with all the unnecessary hostility surrounding your decision to join Sparta - it's not like you're the first person to ever wander off in the history of the AA, or even the first person we've lost to Sparta. As Tiber said, the whole 'Join BK' thing is more of a joke - we humorously attempt to poach people on the forums and in #bk with it all the time, so it's not something that should be taken too seriously. For what it's worth, I enjoyed working with you and was saddened by your decision to leave, even if I (like Tiber) was a little salty about it at the time (which, if anything, should be seen as a compliment, since if you were not valued I wouldn't care that you left). So yeah, there's no hard feelings on my part either.
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