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  1. Turn update and change log

    For operatives to disable, seize or destroy a spacecraft, the number of operatives assigned must be equal to or greater than one-quarter of the listed crew on the ship being targeted plus one-quarter of any SFs assigned to counterintelligence operations. To disable or destroy a building, the number of operatives assigned must be equal to or greater than 50 SFs per level of the building being targeted plus one-quarter of any SFs assigned to counterintelligence operations. In addition, operatives stationed on a ship can only seize one spacecraft on a turn (so SFs on a frigate can attempt to seize another frigate, but to seize two frigates the SFs would have to be dispersed over two ships).
  2. The Grand Admiralty of the Quarian Flotilla has erupted in recriminations, finger pointing and scattered bouts of sobbing following the unexpected loss of a Liveship carrying more than one hundred thousand would-be settlers in the Dholen system. The Liveship, which was travelling without any sort of escort, security precautions or (according to rumours) operational scanners, was seized by pirates as it orbited an uninhabited moon earlier this week. Despite their overwhelming numerical superiority, the Quarian crew is said to have meekly surrendered to the pirate boarding party, potentially dooming the tens of thousands of civilians in their care and earning them scorn from both their captors and the galaxy at large. Fane'Xirah nar Gorah, the spokesperson for the Quarian Admiralty Board, insisted that the cause of the tragedy was still under investigation, but confidential sources within the Grand Admiralty have revealed that many officials attribute the loss of the Liveship to 'lack of dreadnoughts.' Whether the Quarians will seek to rectify this deficiency is unclear at this time, but defence analysts fear that the loss of the Liveship will embolden pirates throughout the region. In other news, the investigation into the dramatic explosion of a CHOAM franchise office is still underway in the Iera system. Although rumours persist that the explosion, which killed over one hundred employees and wounded dozens more, was a deliberate act of sabotage, CHOAM's media office continues insist that it was the result of a gas leak in the 3rd floor kitchen of the main complex. Shareholders have been assured that all CHOAM employees will be required to undergo a mandatory two hour kitchen safety seminar to ensure that incidents of this nature do not happen in the future, while share prices have remained stable following a slight dip earlier this month.
  3. Turn update and change log

    Transferring Buildings and Units Any faction can cede ownership of units, buildings or colonies provided the following conditions are met: - To cede ownership of a spacecraft to another faction, the faction taking control of it must have an unblockaded dock, FOB or outpost in the same system as the spacecraft. - To cede ownership of a building or colony to another faction, the faction taking control of it must have at least one spacecraft in the same system as the building or colony. - Ground equipment (such as tanks or attack helicopters) can be ceded if they are present on the surface of planet where the faction taking control of it has an outpost or colony. - Ground forces (such as infantry, SFs or combat engineers) can never be ceded to another faction. Ownership transfers take place at the end of the turn in which the transfer is indicated as taking place. Units may move within a system but cannot perform any other actions on the turn that the transfer is scheduled to take place. Ownership of units, buildings or colonies cannot be transferred to another faction unless the recipient faction accepts the trade.
  4. Turn update and change log

    Infantry build times are now as follows: Inferior: 2 turns Normal: 3 turns Good: 4 turns Elite: 5 turns SFs: 5 turns MANPADs and ATPs: 5 turns Combat Engineers: 3 turns
  5. The Arakhari

    The Arakhari are a race of bipedal reptiles hailing from the planet Arakhar, a once verdant world in an otherwise unremarkable star system. A warlike and fiercely territorial species, the Arakhari were formerly divided into hundreds of clans that engaged in endless battles for resources, power and prestige. These wars culminated in a cataclysmic nuclear war that left Arakhar utterly devastated, an uninhabitable wasteland of burnt out cities, shattered infrastructure and toxic seas. Of the billions of citizens that once dwelt on Arakhar, only a few thousand are believed to remain on the planet, hidden in fallout shelters or scratching a living from the heavily irradiated soil. The rest, millions in number, fled Arakhar in every available spacecraft as their world burned around them to seek a new life among the stars. Although the members of the Arakhari diaspora initially sought to peacefully integrate into the galactic community, they soon discovered that few planets were willing to take in large numbers of violent and quarrelsome refugees. As a result, the Arakhari found themselves forced to the fringes of civilized society, eking out a living as petty criminals, undocumented labourers and denizens of ramshackle slums on the edges of major commercial centres. As frustration at this treatment boiled over, violence between Arakhari refugees and their host societies became commonplace, further limiting the number of planets that were willing to permit Arakhari to dwell upon their surface. The increasingly desperate Arakhari made several attempts to seize new home-worlds by force, only to find themselves ejected by their more numerous inhabitants. After more than three decades of this precarious existence, the surviving Arakhari clan chiefs met on an isolated asteroid in the Talava system in a last-ditch effort to reverse their declining fortunes. The result was unexpected. After a brutal power struggle that saw the deaths of five chiefs and the submission of seven more, Nakh'maar Saan emerged as the undisputed leader of the Arakhari diaspora, uniting the clans for the first time in centuries. Under his leadership, the Arakhari have managed to capitalize on their warlike tendencies by hiring out clan warriors as soldiers, slavers and mercenaries for hire. As their capital accumulated, the profits were invested in Arakhari Holdings LLC, a commercial venture that quickly spun off several subsidiary branches, including Nakh'maar Security Solutions and Raikh Interstellar Technologies. The Arakhari have sought to leverage their growing economic might to secure exclusive colonization rights on a number of habitable worlds, so far without success. Although life is better now for the average Arakhari than at any time since Arakhar was destroyed, pressure continues to mount on Saan to secure a permanent home for his scattered people. If this goal is achieved, many fear that the Arakhari will seek to rebuild their former economic and military might by force of arms and regain their past glory at the expense of their neighbours.
  6. Are you tired of having your ships stolen by pirates? Has your corporate franchise recently exploded for no apparent reason? Are hostile SFs making a mockery of your attempts to colonize new worlds? Well, if so, the Nakh'maar Security Solutions (a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holdings LLC) has a solution that's perfect for you. NSS security experts have recently made breakthroughs that can increase the effectiveness of even the most incompetent intelligence agency by an astounding 33 percent. And, in the spirit of generosity that defines every aspect of Arakhari Holdings LLC, the NSS is willing to make these groundbreaking advances available to select buyers. Why delay? Buy Arakhari today! Contact your local Arakhari Holdings LLC representative for details.