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  1. Nikoli Krasnov's Application [Accepted]

    Vouch @Shadow Company @uranium66
  2. Turn update and change log

    1) Construction Ship Crew: 25 Weapons: none Armor: Light (steel alloy) Carrying capacity: None Weight: 5,000 metric tons Range: 3 turns Construction Time: 3 turns Combat Value: 100 points (armour and speed only, 50 per category)/250 points (ground) Cost: 2.5 billion Upkeep: 250 million per turn Unique Trait (construction): Construction ships are units capable of constructing buildings on planets or moons (including homeworlds and colonies). Each new building requires 1 construction ship to be present in order to begin construction and construction ships engaged in construction must remain on the planet (and engage in no other action) until the building is completed. Construction ships can only construct one building at any given time and do not consume fuel while construction is taking place. Construction ships cannot be used to survey planets. Construction ships use their space combat value when in orbit and their ground combat value when constructing buildings on the ground. 2) Construction ships are considered to be present on the surface of the planet when construction is occurring and can therefore be captured or destroyed by ground-based (but not space-based) forces if they are successfully detected by another faction. If this occurs, construction is halted and the costs associated with the new building are refunded to the faction that originally commissioned it. 3) Merc base refueling limits adjusted to 1k/5k/10k/25k/25k for Class I/II/III/IV/V 4) Space fighters cannot conduct a system-wide or planet-specific searches. Recon satellites can conduct system-wide and planet-specific searches, but do not add provide any bonuses to spacecraft detection while doing so. 5) Blockades continue until a) the faction that launched the blockade chooses to end it or b) the spacecraft participating in the blockade are engaged in combat by a force of equal or higher CV. 6) Ranges for depressions and famines reduced from 3-6 to 3-5 7) Enhanced or focused orbital bombardments must specifically target enemy ground forces to be effective and cannot be undertaken when an enemy force is engaged in combat with other ground forces. The losses inflicted by enhanced or focused bombardments are not affected by planetary cannons or Shield colonies on the target planet or moon.
  3. The Arakhari are proud to announce that Galactic Initiative for Mapping and Modelling Everything (GIMME) is now 50 percent complete. Arakhar's brave pioneers have successfully mapped 26 of the 52 known star systems in the galaxy, braving countless perils in the spirit of scientific endeavour. Nakh'maar Saan would like to thank the galactic community's cooperation in not hindering GIMME's progress and to reassure all concerned parties that any Arakhari ships detected in their space are engaged in the peaceful pursuit of knowledge and, as such, should under no circumstances be fired upon. As part of the Arakhari's ongoing commitment to trade, tourism and the freedom of the space lanes, the 26 system maps currently available will be distributed to interested parties for a nominal fee. In order to encourage commerce, all known colonies, mines, military installations and non-Arakhari outposts will be included on these maps, which will be confidentially supplied to interested buyers following receipt of payment. However, the Arakhari are also sensitive to the fact that not everyone shares Nakh'maar Saan's enthusiasm for knowledge. As such, the Arakhari are willing to refrain from distributing certain system maps to third parties, provided that the concerned citizens are willing to contribute a small sum to ensure that these maps can be housed in a secure facility at an undisclosed location. Interested in learning more? Contact your local Arakhari representative today!
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