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    FactFindr got a reaction from Winiestflea in Rotating Frog.   
    helicopter frog, ayy lmao
    if it spins fast enough to fly and becomes a helicopter frog
    does the frog still count as a spinning frog?
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    FactFindr reacted to DVDCCHN in [2020-08-20] Cereal   
    Soup is a primarily liquid food, generally served warm or hot (but may be cool or cold), that is made by combining ingredients such as meat and vegetables with stock, juice, water, or another liquid. ... Cereal can be added to soup as crispys, but cereal as such doesn't qualify to be soup.
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    FactFindr reacted to supercheese in Tax Rates   
    Shut up, kat.
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    FactFindr reacted to Kat in Tax Rates   
    I think that the tax of 15/10 is crazy. I understand as a larger alliance that we need more resources, but 15/5 is too much. i believe we should lower taxes to 5/5 during peace time, however during war, we should raise taxes to 30/30. This would allow smaller nations to expand easier during times of peace, but also get us the resources we need in war time. It would allow us to expand our cities and get more resources too, so when we are in a war we will be providing more resources. Please discuss, thanks.
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    FactFindr reacted to Kat in Tax Rates   
    hey hey i forgot to half the 10 leave me alone
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    FactFindr reacted to Shadow Company in [2020-07-20] Colours   
    Yes I used the not-american spelling sue me
    What is your favourite colour? If it's not here, pick the one closest to it.
    Remember to vote in yesterday's poll if you haven't already:
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