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  1. So I've gotten tired of this. Seriously. So I've decided to keep a tally. Every time someone says "Join BK" or something along that line, I'm adding one. When the counter reaches above 20 then I won't even consider joining BK again. No joke, because if this is how BK treats people that aren't in their alliance then it's not an alliance worth joining. Go ahead, act pissed off that I posted this. Counter: 0
  2. Looking at those score drops makes me so proud of BK
  3. ? God Emperor ? ? = bow down, in case you didn't know
  4. What the fuck. Like, what the absolute fuck. Sibling rivalry? Whoever made this was both drunk and high.
  5. Fuck's sake; I read the title of this and stopped. Now Albert's discovered it; what are you doing corrupting our membersr yoso
  6. I am such a shitty programmer; therefore I am jelly of your OP skillz It loads slowly as fuck though... Now build a program that automatically matches BK people to other alliance people in a war
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