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    LunaMoonfang reacted to Maple the 1st in Poll of the Day Suggestion Thread   
    Favourite sweets,Chess players in BK,Favourite subject you have/used to have at school,if you play an instrument and if you do wich one,favoirite pencil brand,favourite vacation spot,favourite country exept the one you were born/live in,use of free time,favourite quote(this one's the most interesting imo)
    Just some examples,it was everything I could think of right now ;-;
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to Kat in [2020-09-27] Me   
    69420 years old ayy lmao
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    LunaMoonfang got a reaction from Mikel Arteta in [2020-09-18] Stairs   
    I skip 2 stairs in one go lmao
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to a void ray in A Statement on Rotating Frog in the Senate Elections   
    The Rotating Frog Club exists for the sole purpose of appreciating Rotating Frog and other sorts of Rotation. As such is it not a political party.

    Rather, The Rotating Frog Club wishes to bring representation of all who appreciate Rotating Frogs to the Senate. 

    The Rotating Frog Club as a non-public organization will only admit BK members to its Rotating Frog appreciating ranks, and all important senatorial discourse that may go on in this club (should the club be given title of senator) will only be between BK members who exist in The Rotating Frog Club. 

    Before this Senatorial Election, The Rotating Frog Club existed for the sole purpose of appreciating Rotating Frogs, and it will continue to after the election regardless of any outcome. 

    Rotating Frog. 
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to ExStratos in [2020-08-31] Dark Mode   
    Light mode is best mode 
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to ExStratos in [2020-08-26] Collar   
    Bow ties make you look like a pompous ass
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    LunaMoonfang got a reaction from Lelouch Lamperouge in [2020-08-20] Cereal   
    Soup. n
    def: a liquid dish, typically savoury and made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables etc. in stock or water.

    As far as I know, cereal doesn't have any veggies.
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to supercheese in Tax Rates   
    Shut up, kat.
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to Kat in Tax Rates   
    I think that the tax of 15/10 is crazy. I understand as a larger alliance that we need more resources, but 15/5 is too much. i believe we should lower taxes to 5/5 during peace time, however during war, we should raise taxes to 30/30. This would allow smaller nations to expand easier during times of peace, but also get us the resources we need in war time. It would allow us to expand our cities and get more resources too, so when we are in a war we will be providing more resources. Please discuss, thanks.
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to Rin in [2020-08-13] Tasty Water   
    Water has some sodium and flouride. I think most of water flavor is from that. Bottled mineral water definitely has more taste than tap water.
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    LunaMoonfang got a reaction from Rin in [2020-08-13] Tasty Water   
    I forgot to add taste elements such as sodium, potassium and such. Those things are the real deal that make out taste molecules. Water has no such taste molecules, meaning it's literally impossible to bland boiled water to have any kind of taste that can be described.
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to Spukey in [2020-07-29] Team Sports   
    Team Chess
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    LunaMoonfang reacted to Yosodog in [2020-07-25] Football   
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