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  1. my political party is not yet dead
  2. use military force to keep peeps in line, if one person is allowed to do what they want, then more people will do what they want and claim unfair treatment when you stop the. plus, taking a no-bs stance is always better
  3. hey hey i forgot to half the 10 leave me alone
  4. I think that the tax of 15/10 is crazy. I understand as a larger alliance that we need more resources, but 15/5 is too much. i believe we should lower taxes to 5/5 during peace time, however during war, we should raise taxes to 30/30. This would allow smaller nations to expand easier during times of peace, but also get us the resources we need in war time. It would allow us to expand our cities and get more resources too, so when we are in a war we will be providing more resources. Please discuss, thanks.
  5. Kat


    this may or may not be true
  6. Kat


    fake and gay
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