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  1. yeah i know, just a bit annoyed that there's three weebs now
  2. but look at that pfp, and he said he knew the anime but didn't want to watch it
  3. this one's a weeb so idk if Strum will be happy
  4. @Josh Freerhe's not going to respond, you can deny him
  5. bruh you need to respond in the Discord
  6. This might be a problem though, is there anything we can do about it? I have just been informed that peace has already been achieved, Ignore me
  7. Oh shit the madlad actually did it
  8. You're going to need to be interviewed in the Discord if you want to join:
  9. I'm not stupid, just trolling as per usual lmao
  10. No I'm not I just don't think it's worth putting down you got denied from another alliance. Notice, he wasn't actually a member, just an applicant
  11. Yo I don't think being an applicant of the Northern Hemisphere Alliance is of much value
  12. That's because we had to kick someone from the Discord a while ago, here you go: