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  1. You look at your advisors and say, "Alright then, let's do this." You all go back to work. A few months pass and you have made some changes to the new tax system. The first thing you do is make it so that if a nation has an alliance with another nation, they will pay the same amount of money as any other ally. This way, alliances don't really matter anymore. If you were going to break up the Alliance Nations, this was the best way to do it. The other thing you did is lower the amount of money that the larger, powerful alliances pay, but the smaller alliances still pay the full amount. This still keeps most of the smaller alliances in your favor. You also raise the amount of money that the Felkan Kingdom pays when in an alliance with you. This was an easy way to get what you wanted and was a nice gesture on your part. As for the tax system, it has actually been successful. You have managed to greatly expand your infrastructure and make some changes to society. Land is much more valuable than it used to be, requiring you to give a lot of it over to forests for farming and settlements. Still, you manage to get by. The only major problem you have had is that the largest of your armies consists of conscripts. Most of them are happy to have the protection of an army on their side, but it requires a large amount of them to actually provide you with any real combat power. You have tried to introduce some volunteer systems, but there are few volunteers and the conscripts are cheaper to equip, so you end up using conscripts a lot. Still, things are looking up for you. Your nation is stable and most of your people are fairly happy with what you have done. You don't really have any major enemies and what enemies you do have are no match for your standing army. Then, disaster strikes. It is a cloudy day and the mud in the streets (which you spent a lot of time trying to get clean) has turned back to rain. Almost everyone is walking more carefully or taking an alternate route. There is a minor shoving match going on between two groups of people, one about the size of a small nation, and another the size of a medium nation. Suddenly, the group the size of a small nation pushes forward a lot harder and claims that the people of the smaller nation should give them right of way. The other group agrees and they begin to get angry. Someone yells out that you should intervene before it turns violent. You call everyone to quiet down and then have your advisors give you advice. One wants you to threaten to use force, but you dismiss this idea; after all, that is what started this. Another says maybe you should back down and let them go. This is also dismissed; after all, once they get through the city, who knows what will happen. The third suggests using a little military power to scare everyone. What to do?
  2. Hey, welcome! You seem familiar. Make sure you ping our interrogation officers on Discord to get an interview.
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