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  1. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    It represents the great meme from years ago
  2. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    Well depending on the rank that they currently hold within the alliance i would follow the order from the person with the highest authority however if they hold the same rank then i would consult with someone who is a higher rank than them to see which order i should follow
  3. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    I would follow the orders given as it could help progress my nation on the game as well as help the alliance
  4. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, i will.
  5. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    The IA staff seems the most interesting to me.
  6. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    Yes this is fine with me.
  7. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    I live in the UK so my timezone is GMT
  8. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, that will be fine
  9. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, i am currently in BK's discord sever and my discord name and ID is shown below. I will be able to check discord and the forums at least once a day. 𝓐𝓵𝓮𝔁 #1483
  10. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    I have chosen to join Bk as it seems like an active alliance in which i can further my experience in the game, while meeting people who will be able to help me when a problem arises in my nation.
  11. Blunder the first's Application [Accepted]

    i left as the alliance had lost a lot of members and was not as active as it was when i joined many months ago, with the war having a major impact on my nation and them imposing high tax rates it left me very weak and in need of repair and a new alliance which is more active.
  12. Nation Name: The conquered empire Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=145089 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: Empyrea Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: Experience in war, meaning i am good at following the orders i have been given and can help the alliance in time of war We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes