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  1. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    The memely term, "ayy lmao" means the almighty meme and is recited in the Book of Meme. Also, the word of Ayyslam.
  2. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    I would tell the officer that told me second that the first officer told me (order). I would then ask him if he could contact the other officer to discuss it.
  3. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    I would only disagree if I knew I couldn't do it. If I did I would say I wouldn't be able to do it and i'm sorry.
  4. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, I am very willing to be active in turn for free money.
  5. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    The Diplomat Corps sounds good.
  6. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    I am okay with this.
  7. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    I use EST, also, how do I get a verification code for the discord?
  8. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    I'm fine with this, I am happy that you guys will be teaching me how to play efficiently.
  9. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, I am very familiar with discord and my name is K!ngJok3r#1186. I am active and check discord many times in a day.
  10. Jaden's Application [Accepted]

    I got the message in my inbox, and as a new player I wanted to join so I can assist and be assisted.
  11. Nation Name: Skylines United Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=186869 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: None Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: Well, I am new to this game and still learning. But when I get more experienced I will do my best to offer support. We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes