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    Applying to Join the Black Knights
    STEP 1: Apply to join our alliance in-game
    Make sure you do this, because the system will literally not let you apply before you do.
    STEP 2: Have a forum account
    Once again, the system will not let you apply before you have made an account here.
    That is Tibernet, our application system. It will make sure you are eligible to apply, and then will post your application into this forum, as you, which is why you must have a forum account to apply.
    STEP 4: Join our Discord server
    Ping the Interrogation Squad role in the #public channel on our Discord server, and we'll get you set up to proceed with the application. All communications will be done via text chat. Voice chat will not be used.
    STEP 5: Participate in the applicants channel (#interrogation)
    As some point, either government members or IA staff will chat with you in #interrogation. This is basically just us making sure you are cool enough to be in our extremely cool alliance, so it can get random. Obviously we don't expect you to be online 24/7, but the more active you are there, and better chance you have at being accepted.
    Also Protip: Stay on the color beige for as long as possible. 
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