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  1. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    Something to do with some alien meme I think.
  2. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    Hold off until I can confirm with someone higher then them as to which orders I should be following.
  3. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    It's not my place to disagree with orders that are given to me, so I'd just get on with it.
  4. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    As I've said, got a decent amount of time I'm willing to give to the game, so yes.
  5. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    EDO sounds pretty good, but I'll go wherever I'm needed.
  6. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    I have plenty of time to dedicate to the game so yes, I'm completely fine with that.
  7. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    Can do and yes, I'd be fine with doing that.
  8. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, I use discord quite a lot already, Dachsavar#5539
  9. Dachsavar's Application [Accepted]

    Was reading through all the automated messages I got when I started, this one stood out pretty nicely, something about the best military which appealed to me.
  10. Nation Name: Assguard Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=159186 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: None Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: Plenty of time to play Enjoyment of text based games (not likely to just up and quit) A willingness to learn We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes