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  1. lol I'll message them via discord and see lol
  2. Well, San gnomed me and took away 20K refined each and 40M with 170K food He isnt happy that I am at 5K refined each again now
  3. btw i'd like to show you guys something
  4. Ayy Lmao is an expression which shows we havent lost heart even in the worst of circumstances
  5. I will follow the more latest order However, I will also take care to inform both parties the orders I already have In case it causes confusion, I will try to reach a suitable agreement via discussion or stuff
  6. I have no problem doing that I have been associated with gov in other alliances so I know very well that teamwork is necessary to win I understand that to win the war, we may need to lose the battle. I have absolutely no problem surrendering my pixels for the greater god of the alliance
  7. sure I have experience in IA,FA and MA So, I'll choose IA and/or FA(since milcom isnt listed here).
  8. anything other than econ i have first-hand experience in most fields other than econ(mostly milcom)(I cant make video graphics though) P.S.-All my wars are over
  9. i totally understand alliance>self scenarios where you lose something to gain something for the greater good thus, yes
  10. Sounds good to me
  11. I am I am in BK discord too Username-Assassin#5113 ID-idk how to get this one lol. pls help Activity-inhuman on both discord and forums. so yes
  12. I'll be honest, I am escaping KT after the little stunt I pulled off I asked Leo about it and he told me to apply Um, i live in a storm-prone zone. Internet can go down for days after a big one I hope you understand my problem in such a situation and give me a second chance Just informing.
  13. I thought i'll give a larger answer since i think i'll also be asked why i left my other alliances 1) KT- Messed up something so was kicked 2) Empyrea-Gay 3) Grigori-Disbanded 4)Raieska-To form ET 5)ET-It outlived its usefulness
  14. looks like you werent on the pnw forums lol https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/25085-liberation-time/ we were doing a ET/KT meme thingy (That is the reason i also said yes to the pissing people question)