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  1. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    What's the next step
  2. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    Well personaly is a weird question (lol) but well i gonna try to describe it For me that means like a laugh, like LOL but maybe in exagarate form. Like look a thing that is so funny. Sorry if i don't explain it good, english doesn't is my native tongue.
  3. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    Okay in that type of cases idk, maybe I need to tell it to a superior or tell to that two officers that the order is in contradiction with other order that I have. But in case of orders in contradiction I will see the rank of the officers and talk with a superior for be sure about what to do in next step for help the others. I need to learn more about it in the university of BK.
  4. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    In fact it's necesary to do the things that superiors order and is very important for the teamwork and the victory in a war so i'm agree with that type of orders. But if i disagree with one order, i need reasons and i will to tell the reasons to a superior, maybe he/she learn me more about and well if i understand perfectlly the reason of the order i will do that the order need for be done. All for is is reason, but some reason are very obvious so i don't ask a lot only the necesary. The new city i believe that is importat for get a base for the army or things like that, i don't know the mechanic of the game but i can imagine it. And sacrifice is necesary too so in general i agree with that orders, all for the victory and the protections of the others members (other members are like family i guess)
  5. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    Yes i will, it's so important for apply the reforms in my nation
  6. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    For me is interesting the IA Staff and Diplomat Corps too i wanna help where do you put me
  7. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    Yes, i'm okay with it, is so important to be active for learn and progress
  8. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    I live in GMT+9 (Sapporo, Japan) This link doesn't works... https://discord.gg/KnTusXA
  9. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    Yes, i'm interesed in do this, is a great oportunity to learn. Sure i'm gonna do this.
  10. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    In discord... you can find me like Zoe Golubev
  11. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    Yes i know what is it and i use it so much, my discord name is Zoe Golubev And yes i check discord everyday
  12. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    answers are here? I can reply Well principal reason is because i wanna learn from you and mayba later became so strong (my nation) Idk if you going to accept me, i wait that yes but idk
  13. Zoe Golubev Aplication

    Nation Name: AnadyrskiyNation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=173770Previous alliances and Previous Positions: Any, is my first time (but i do some aplications in the past to BK)Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: noWhat skills can you offer BK?: My activity, loyality, the resources that i can give you while i grow up, and in the future, military help (i don't have army for now)We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: Yes, i will need help to build a decent army but yes.
  14. hi [Denied]

    hi, can i apply?