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  1. Wrong think? [Denied]

    Hi, i'm Zoe Golubev and some day ago i was accted but today i don't know why but i'm out again i don't understand why and who did it, i was studying in the bku and my cities now are like in the tuturial of bku, too my business. I should to begin to study the 4th lesson today (about business opportunities, but now i can't for i don't know what reason or something Can you explain me please? Thanks Hugs ♥ ♥ ♥ Zoe Golubev ♥ ♥ ♥
  2. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    What's the next step
  3. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    Well personaly is a weird question (lol) but well i gonna try to describe it For me that means like a laugh, like LOL but maybe in exagarate form. Like look a thing that is so funny. Sorry if i don't explain it good, english doesn't is my native tongue.
  4. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    Okay in that type of cases idk, maybe I need to tell it to a superior or tell to that two officers that the order is in contradiction with other order that I have. But in case of orders in contradiction I will see the rank of the officers and talk with a superior for be sure about what to do in next step for help the others. I need to learn more about it in the university of BK.
  5. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    In fact it's necesary to do the things that superiors order and is very important for the teamwork and the victory in a war so i'm agree with that type of orders. But if i disagree with one order, i need reasons and i will to tell the reasons to a superior, maybe he/she learn me more about and well if i understand perfectlly the reason of the order i will do that the order need for be done. All for is is reason, but some reason are very obvious so i don't ask a lot only the necesary. The new city i believe that is importat for get a base for the army or things like that, i don't know the mechanic of the game but i can imagine it. And sacrifice is necesary too so in general i agree with that orders, all for the victory and the protections of the others members (other members are like family i guess)
  6. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    Yes i will, it's so important for apply the reforms in my nation
  7. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    For me is interesting the IA Staff and Diplomat Corps too i wanna help where do you put me
  8. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    Yes, i'm okay with it, is so important to be active for learn and progress
  9. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    I live in GMT+9 (Sapporo, Japan) This link doesn't works... https://discord.gg/KnTusXA
  10. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    Yes, i'm interesed in do this, is a great oportunity to learn. Sure i'm gonna do this.
  11. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    In discord... you can find me like Zoe Golubev
  12. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    Yes i know what is it and i use it so much, my discord name is Zoe Golubev And yes i check discord everyday
  13. Zoe Golubev Aplication [Accepted]

    answers are here? I can reply Well principal reason is because i wanna learn from you and mayba later became so strong (my nation) Idk if you going to accept me, i wait that yes but idk
  14. Nation Name: AnadyrskiyNation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=173770Previous alliances and Previous Positions: Any, is my first time (but i do some aplications in the past to BK)Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: noWhat skills can you offer BK?: My activity, loyality, the resources that i can give you while i grow up, and in the future, military help (i don't have army for now)We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: Yes, i will need help to build a decent army but yes.
  15. hi [Denied]

    hi, can i apply?