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  1. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    A reaction to something funny, but more so in reference to an extraterrestrial being.
  2. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    I would listen to the superior officer, after confirming those orders with the superior officer. If both officers are on the same level, I will ask a superior officer what the correct move is. But, in all situations, asking/confirming would be the first move.
  3. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    I’d follow the orders, because I know that it could help the Black Knights, and that’s the main priority. If anything were to happen to my cities, I wouldn’t be worried, as I know the Black Knights would help me rebuild.
  4. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, I am willing to be active on this game, because of how intriguing it looks, and the free money/grants make being active look even more appealing.
  5. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    For me, Economics Staff sounds the most interesting, but the Diplomat Crops also sounds cool, if I can’t get a position in the Economic Staff.
  6. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, I am alright with placing the alliance above myself, as I am trying to focus on learning the game before I start making big moves. I will be completely alright with this, because I feel confident that when I do, I will be taken care of either way.
  7. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    Awesome, thank you. My ID is 0890. Yes, I would be fine, in fact eager to attend to Academy, as I’m not very familiar with the game, but I’m definitely interested in learning about it.
  8. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    I’m not super familiar in Discord, and I do not know where to check my ID, though I do know that my username is Toast. Although I;m not familiar with Discord, I’m determined to learn more about it, and I will be able to check it once a day.
  9. Toast's Application [Accepted]

    I wanted to join Black Nights based off of the automatic message that was sent to me when I first started playing Politics and War. It made the Black Knights seem very open, friendly and welcoming; all of these being characteristics I look for. Along with the seeming niceness, I was attracted to the possibility to learn more about the game as I do not know much. I was also interested in the possibility of wars, and helping out my comrades who are in Black Knights as well. The starting message that I got when I joined also came across as professional, yet casual at the same time, showing that this is a respectful atmosphere, but not an uptight one.
  10. Nation Name: Destros Monos Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146818 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: N/A Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: I can be completely devoted to Black Knights, and I’m not completely focused on growing, which means that I can offer up the resources I have in order to make the alliance better. We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes