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  1. Here at the Working Rights Association (over at the PnW test server), we encourage that all alliances that don't practice witchcraft and capitalism unite together to defeat those that do. This is why we have an MDoAP with La Familia Crime Syndicate. We've got each other's backs in this tough recession. Join us today! Disclaimer: Witchcraft and capitalism are only shunned within the confines of the test server
  2. brb bolding the words 'test server' every time I say them
  3. There once was a young man named John. When he ceased his formal education in grade ten, he became a construction worker, just like his father, Henry Nidaeh-Laeffy West. But he soon found out that the construction industry was not how he imagined it. Among a broad range of problems, the brunch breaks were only thirty minutes, the lunch breaks were only one and a half hours, and afternoon tea lasted for barely twenty minutes! TWENTY MINUTES! Hello, I’m Shadowone and I’m here to have a nice chat with you today, about why you should join the Working Rights Association (on the PnW test server). Now, John’s story is like many others. He is abused daily by the harsh system of capitalism that is impacting on this life as a construction worker. This system is run by big governments in an effort to manipulate others across all of Orbis. Now, I’m sure that we all know which governments I’m referring too, but here’s a friendly reminder *ahem*: THE GREEDY CAPITALIST GOVERNMENTS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Mensa, UPN, t$, VE, Rose, BK, InGen, Arrgh, Alpha, GPA and The Dutch East Etcetera. Too long has the construction industry been held back by this tyranny! This oppression! But you can make a change. We can all make a change. Join the Working Rights Association, on the PnW test server, and we can all put an end to capitalism. Remember- DOWN WITH CAPITALISM; UP WITH CONSTRUCTION WORKER PAY! Disclaimer: Working Rights Association only encourages the destruction of capitalism and any aforementioned alliance within the confines of the test server. Any ‘Working Rights Association’ outside of the test server is probably run by American spies and/or highschool-aged drug addicts. Our PA executive said that viewers would respond well to emotive imagery, so here goes nothing: (Yoso's tyranny is preventing me from uploading images (fml) so when I said 'here goes nothing', I sort of meant it)
  4. We got b&

    But now I have to go to any other website ever to see iDateAsia ads