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  1. EMPEREOR's Application [Denied]

    I would simply PM any of the Higher up ranked members about it.
  2. EMPEREOR's Application [Denied]

    well i think every alliance members will obey the orders given by leaders.... in this way i will fullfill my responsiblity and accept these orders...but on the other hand if i disagree wth these order then i will ask reasons behind the orders or i will contact to other head of BK
  3. EMPEREOR's Application [Denied]

    i m always online for my nations and alliance growth....
  4. EMPEREOR's Application [Denied]

    i will go with diplomatic corps
  5. EMPEREOR's Application [Denied]

    well after VM i have enough time to play ...and i m more active on discord bcozz i play other games too...my use name is loving boi and user id is loving boi#3131...i m 5 hours online on discord daily and politics and war
  6. EMPEREOR's Application [Denied]

    i joined bk bcozz seraphim is here and i can learn from him more...i m in VM bcozz i have my exams coming up and did not have time to tend to my nation ...even worse there is a global war
  7. Nation Name: WORLD DIAMOND Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=133456 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: aurora,UH,pantheon,Animation domination,ARRGH,ROSE Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: i can play the role of peace counter guard or millitary war cordinator We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes