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  1. Vermintide Laws & Annoucements

    ODP Between the Vermintide & CIS (Signed Turn 36) "The signing parties both agree in a pact of optional mutual defence. Signing parties have no diplomatic obligation to defend the other signing party, if the other signing party is attacked they have a valid CB against the aggressor of the signing party and thus an option to go defend the other signing party." If one of the signing parties wishes to exit out of the deal for any reason a 3 turn waiting period will be established where all clauses of this treaty will still apply until the time has allotted. Sincerely Signed, ~Lord Warden Farsight (Vermintide/Sverige) ~Count Keth Tolen (CIS/Rye)
  2. Table of Contents: -Current Laws: -Diplomatic Affairs: ODP between the Vermintide & CIS
  3. Quite The Vermin

    The planet of Necharduct (Na-charred-duct) or "Poor Rat's Landing" serves as the landing ground for the vermintide as far off in the distant galaxies lay the consul of 13, who sentenced these colonist to the penal colony of Necharduct or system 41. Lord Warden Farsight has been assigned to the task of overseeing these "Undesirables" for the greater good of rat kind although in reality most of the rats send here were political opponents of the consul or peasants who failed to pay taxes or worked for the wrong company but a large portion of criminals were also sent to give the illusion that these were just undesirable nobodys to the population of the vermintide and Farsight was given the "honour" of ruling this mob although is was more or less just the consuls way of saying "Fuck off" and Farsight was most livid at this dismissal but he was not one to back down however he new challenging the consul would be foolish so instead of looking west to the far off homes he looks east not as a conqueror, no, he had learned that being aggressive even if it means the greater good means nothing. after all it does not matter if your in the right as long as you dont have the power to back it up. So Farsight looks out to his 9.8 Billion colonist with red beady eyes then to the east he takes a deep breath and makes the speech that will define these new "rats in rags" of a vermintide. "Lats and rattlemen most of thou art innocent of thy crimes thou have been accused of, but it matters nought for the consul has cursed our names for the sake of "political Stability" however this is a facade, you and i know this but it does not matter as the consul has become to power hungry, i no not thee reasons that made you an enemy of the consul but it matters little to I as i here by pardon thy all of thou accused crimes however this does not mean our homes will fall directly back into out laps, no we are stuck here abandoned by our enemies thus allowing for a new path, a path that turns away from the "Shoot First ask questions later" policy of the consul, instead i propose that we go back to our roots as the once noble rats we once were and not the evil vermintide the consul has cursed thou with let it be known to the galactic governments of this universe we are not here as conquerors rather as an uprooted people seeking its place among the stars however do not take our generous transparency as weakness the vermintide know the art of war all to well under those who curse thy names and know that this vermintide is looking to break thy shameful past of warring and to look to the benefits of mutual dealing with our neighbors and with this i conclude thy statement may thou find greater fortunes my fellow lats and rattlemen." The cheering crowds cheer Farsights heart immensely as a retainer walks up to him "Lord Warden what shall the capital planet be named?" the retainer asks, Farsight chuckles and then looks at the retainer with calm beady eyes "Home, my friend, Home."
  4. REEEe

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      This was a good talk.

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      Sweden Ball

      it was the best talk have a good rnar make sure to use the force to jerk urself off


      may the autism be with U

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  6. shrek's Application [Accepted]

  7. shrek's Application [Accepted]

    Depends if its a FA decision and the FA guy tells me to do something and the equal rank IA dude argued it i would choose the FA guy if the FA guy told me one thing but the LEADER told me to do another i would follow the leader
  8. shrek's Application [Accepted]

    i would point out my concerns to my superior but will still carry out the action she/he ordered me to do unless told otherwise
  9. shrek's Application [Accepted]

    FA staff for now but when i get built up to 10 cities i will join the military defence dudes
  10. shrek's Application [Accepted]

    im already in u guys discord but thanks i will be EXTREMELY active in the community for the next 9 months
  11. shrek's Application [Accepted]

    yes my username is sverige boll and my id is 9728 i plan being being active evry day for 9 months then offline for 3 months due to my internet being shut off then online 9 months and so on
  12. shrek's Application [Accepted]

    P&W for about 140 days Other than that nothing else
  13. shrek's Application [Accepted]

    old freinds simple enoght besides Bk needs me its super low on dumb people to make fun of