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  1. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    It means something is very funny
  2. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    Follow the one of higher rank. If they are both of the same rank I'll try to ask someone of a higher rank then them wha to do.
  3. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    Follow it
  4. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    I honestly would love to join the economics staff. I like dealing with monetary aspects. I got addicted to tradeing on the market yesterday and turned turned about 1.5M that I hadn't spent from my raiding income into 3M
  5. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    I would saw say I'm between 2-3. I want to be very active and involved but not so much leadership
  6. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    Yes I would really like that.
  7. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    Ok I think I found it. It is #4077(is this right it seems to short to me to be an I'd number?)
  8. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    I'm not that familar with it. However I did make an account and I have the app for it. My username is lightside3. Where can I find the ID Number? I plan to be active on all of them.
  9. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    I have played other multiplayer strategy games before. I've play Astro Empires, Hyperiums, and an Ogame clone.
  10. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    I wanted to join because of the message I got from Tiber. He described this alliance as being friendly to new players. I like that because I still am learning the game.
  11. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    Alright I'm at 0 wars finally!
  12. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    Or so I am close to ending my offensive raid wars. All are at 3/10. However someone else just randomly attacked me in the alliance common wealth of nations(even though my military is bigger then his a little?!?) Do I also need to beat him before we can continue?
  13. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    Alright. I guess this will have to be delayed a day then as I feel like for some reason people who havnt been on in months won't accept my peace offer lol.
  14. Lightside's Application [Accepted]

    So looking through some of the other applications I notice I'm not so post to start a war while applying. Does this mean it's a problem that I am currently raiding. (Started before I even saw the message asking if I wanted to join)(The people I am raiding it looks like made a account then quit and havnt been on for a month or 2, also none are in an alliance)