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  1. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    A.K.A Alien
  2. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    It's a positive or "funny" response to a situation or context where meme god's exhume their perspective (dance)
  3. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    If one officer is of a higher rank based on the hierarchy I would go with his order. If both officers are of the same rank and have contradicting orders, I would take that order to a higher ranking officer and ask him for a solution.
  4. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    An order is an order, I would carry it out even if I disagree with it.
  5. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    Out of these positions I would be most interested in: A Staff - the Internal Affairs department has several positions available based on rank. IA Staff is the entry level position where you can start working yourself up. Duties include: contributing to the activity of the alliance by posting discussion topics and coming up with events, assisting leadership with the applicant interviews, recruiting and doing other random stuff.
  6. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    You have already asked me that question above ^
  7. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    Absolutely, I definitely want to learn more about this game.
  8. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    I believe I've answered this question above but yes I have and I already am on the BK discord right now. Username: gregoratis ID:6708 And no i have not played a game similar to P&W but I'm willing to learn! In terms of activity I have already been active on Discord today and plan to continue this daily.
  9. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    I would like the protection and economic benefits that BK offers, but this also means that I would use my resources, revenue and other means to help BK since an alliance only works when each nation contributes to its success. I want to be very active in the BK community. I already posted a comment on the main discord board *changed my name from martinolaf to gregoratis* and now one of the members *Luke* is helping me understand the basic concepts of the game. His tips are proving incredibly useful so far! For now my simple goal is to expand my nation, to increase the city size, infrastructure and create a stronger military. With time, and with more experience, I would definitely love to try a hand at a position within BK. Currently however, I would love to be involved in this alliance which I know will help me grow and expand. In return, I would do anything to protect the nations within this alliance, as well as provide resources and needs if they're needed. BK members already began helping me with this game despite the fact that I'm not even a member yet, and that to me proves that I want to be involved within this community, because I can tell players really care about each other here.
  10. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    And of course I'm okay with doing these things! I want to grow my nation as much as possible
  11. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    I already joined discord and posted a question but I'm not sure which room is best for that type of stuff? In terms of the academy, where could I access that?
  12. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    I've played a bunch of strategy games in the past but definitely none like P&W. I plan to be pretty active depending on how helpful *discord* and *forums* would prove to be. The more help I will receive, the more active I will be. If I get sinked into this game nearly as much as I did with AoW then I will definitely be online non stop My discord is: martinolaf with #ID:6708
  13. Gregorios's Application [Accepted]

    I guess what made me want to join BK is the fact that you guys created the most well written and instructive message after I created an account. You gave precise steps on how to join and how to move around as a noob. This came to show that you guys know what you're talking about and could help me more in learning about this game in comparison to other alliances.
  14. Nation Name: Gregoratis Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=125187 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: - Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: Willingness to learn this game for pursuit of adventure! We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes