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  1. Eee's Application [Denied]

    Brown, sorry I copied that from a sheet I made before changing colors, please change your color to Brown when you’re able to do it please. @Eee1
  2. Eee's Application [Denied]

    Please end all current wars, and change color to brown before we move forward.
  3. Dawid Sierpinski's Application [Accepted]

    While in the application process you MAY NOT start any wars, if you do so you will be denied. We expect activity out of our applicants. If you go more than 24 hours without answering a question you will be rejected. What made you want to join BK?
  4. Poppy's Application [Accepted]

    To the best of your ability, describe what "ayy lmao" means to you using more than 5 words, but less than 23.
  5. Ner0's Application [Denied]

    You should see a link that says "Discord" at the top of our forums, which will take you to our public Discord channel. Feel free to pop in and get to know some of our members. We require new members go through an academy. It will help you learn more about the game, and how to grow your nation efficiently. Are you okay with doing this?
  6. A Mean Person's Application [Denied]

    Please end ALL before continuing, thank you.
  7. Poppy's Application [Accepted]

    If two officers give you contradicting orders, what would you do?
  8. Ner0's Application [Denied]

    Are you familiar with Discord? If so, what is your username and ID? Will you be able to check Discord and the forums at least once a day?